European football representative of the year

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Ramon Calderon, president of Real Madrid, announced that Italian football would win the "Golden or Golden Ball" and would replace Ronaldinho as the best footballer in Europe

European football representative of the year

Ramon Calderon, president of Real Madrid, announced that Italian football would win the "Golden or Golden Ball" and would replace Ronaldinho as the best footballer in Europe. This shocked many and blinded many. Not because of Sin bar’s level, but because of his great performances at the World Cup, but only until 27 May when the winner is announced. Of course, this means one of two things. First, the French football newspaper received an award in the field of malls for promoting safety that did not follow common traditions. Calderon Madridista and personal pleasure magazine..

If Calderon wanted to make history, he had to be a happy man. An Italian journalist immediately stated: "Shimabara, that's true." (Gazettal dells Sport) at Cinnabar’s Or Gold Balloons d'Or. (Aston Sarah). Despite the Italian media, the story seems to be over. Change the purpose of the article from cover to cover, depending on the type of people around you. Having said that, this prestigious award had not yet reached the head of the Italian Envelope Pursuit, Fang Sham, so we continued with the first goal.

The French football magazine Golden Ball was published in 1956.

 Europe is recovering from the devastation of World War II a decade ago, when epl중계 reached its greatest expansion. The first game of the European Cup (now the UEFA Champions League) was played that year, and black billiard Stanley Matthews was named the first European player. The following year, the Madrid team won the award, twice won by First Secretary Alfredo Di Stefano. The purpose of this grant is to show that football has become. Connecting people from different countries. It is important to note that many continents have struggled for 10 years. This award is given to the best French footballer, but is based on the opinion of journalists from all over Europe.

In football, prizes are distributed in the same way.

At European clubs, Juventus have won eight trophies in recent years (this can be added if you can't get the football going). Calciopoli, Milan (Pito), Barcelona. Real Madrid (5) and Bayern Munich (5) followed. This award is celebrated every November (for example, Luis Figs and Ronaldo, who left Madrid a few months before his resignation). The only significant change is the debt since early 1995. The winner will not be included in Europe and the country and the contract is limited to clubs under UEFA jurisdiction (in Liberia, which is interesting. V.).

This clearly shows that this kind of debt started last year.

 Brazilian Ronaldinho, who won the award this year, proved to be the best player in the world (he always boasted of being the best player in the world). Barcelona footballers are frustrated by the level of abuse this year. He won the League Cup with a medal, but was smaller than the Brazilian team at the World Cup (and was selected in previous competitions) (often seen as a key part of the award). .) The club has 6 towers. Of its members, Kaka is the only player who plays in Germany and unfortunately it is too late despite Milan being the main player. - Legs of the universe. You will receive a reward in the future.

As you can see, winners are usually good competitors. For example, in 2002, Ronaldo won the Golden Ball. After two seasons at Inter Milan in Italy, El Indriagocha (fan) traveled to the Far East to help Brazil reach the top five. The legendary champion scored eight points on the road and lost several trophies missing in 1998.

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