How can I practice PMP exam ?

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The PMP certification is designed for the professionals who want to get expertise in Project Management. Some more details are here.

How can I practice PMP exam ?


How to secure PMP certification?

The PMP certification is one of the highly rated certification that has being obtained by the ever-rising number of candidates. It is perfect deal for those who would like to pursue their career in the field related to project management. It is not easy to prepare the exam. For this purpose, you need to access a reliable team for the study material. You can visit real PMP exam questions here. They are very easy to access online. It is simple and easy to prepare exam from the study material. This is great for the candidates.

PMP Requirements          

It is significant to comply with twin requirements of the PMP certification before getting its certification to become PMP certified. The PMP certification requirements include:

Academic Background and Qualification

It has been mentioned that a candidate seeking for the PMP certification needs to have a diploma of high school or an equivalent certification certified globally. With this, the candidate must share the certain piece of information in the shape of mentioning the name of the education institute where background academic qualification took place previously. Along with this, the candidate will be having to mention the subject in which he or she has majored in and above all, graduation year.

Education pertaining to Project Management

It goes without saying that the Project Management Institute (PMI), relevant regulating body overseeing project management certification, ensures that students who are seeking to get PMP certification must have a background knowledge and understanding of the project management. This is what the prerequisite for the PMP which cannot be denied. For that, one can have two possible way-outs in order to fulfill this above-mentioned requirement.

One of the easy ways is to apply for the test or examination in case you have required 1500 hours of experience in relevant project management field or being a part of the project team. Not only this, these hours need to be documented on the part of the project in which you worked while clarified from a process group.

In case you have not been able to have adequate work experience in relevant project management, then you will have another way-out too. This can be in the form of enrolling in the formal project management course that must have 23 hours duration. It must be noted that there are wide-ranging approved and certified sources of the education of project management.

  • PMI Registered Education Providers (REP)
  • Training consultants or entities
  • Employer or training programs

From SPOTO, you can get PMP practice exam now. The practice test material is highly innovative and great for the majority of the users. It is equal to the 1 hour of training done in classroom. This means 8 hours of classroom training done by a candidate can claim that he has done 8 hours of contact hour.

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