How To Find The Right Student Accommodation Toronto ?

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Toronto, the largest city in Canada and its capital, is a bustling metropolitan center.

How To Find The Right Student Accommodation Toronto ?

One of the most stressful aspects of studying in Canada is finding accommodation. Each person has their own tastes and preferences, so some students may prefer living on campus, while others may want to live off-campus and rely on public transportation when they go to and from school.  

The next step after being accepted into a University is choosing the right accommodation. Canada has various options for students to choose from, like off-campus or campus residences. Students should go through their budget and comfort requirements and choose the best place for them. 

Toronto, the largest city in Canada and its capital, is a bustling metropolitan center. It is also home to The University of Toronto and York University. Toronto has a semi-continental climate, which means that it is warm in the summer and cold in the winter. However, Toronto is one of Canada’s warmer cities during the winter, with temperatures never dropping below -8°C. The average temperature in January is -4.2°C, and it increases steadily until we peak in July at 22.2°C. 

Student Housing Locations in Toronto

When students search for student accommodation Toronto, they tend to choose one of these areas which are close to the universities and safe: 

  1. The Annex
  2. York University Heights
  3. Dufferin Grove
  4. Morningside
  5. Kingsview Village
  6. Clairville
  7. Bendale
  8. Bathurst Manor

Types of student accommodation in Toronto

Students need to make sure they have calculated the amount of funds they have available for accommodation. Before searching for any type of accommodation, students should visit the official site of the university they have enrolled in. This can help them select the best options for their accommodation options and give them an idea about the number of terms they are eligible for living on campus.  

  • On-campus student accommodation 

Students who attend on-campus accommodation in Toronto are provided a high-quality stay by the majority of universities and colleges. It’s a good choice for students, as it is secure and within close proximity to your classes. You can get to your classes on time, save money on transportation, enjoy being part of school culture, and take advantage of facilities at university. 

  • Off- campus student accommodation: 

If you want to find off-campus housing in Toronto, the first step is to talk to the school’s housing office or student union. They can show you the way. There are a few things to consider before you decide where to live. If your finances are tight and renting is out of the question, then a friend's sofa or home might be a good option. If you have more financial flexibility, consider factors like location and amenities. Let’s go over two types of off-campus housing. 

  • Rented Private Accommodations: 

One thing many students look for in a new place is a multicultural experience. Renting an apartment and living with roommates in close proximity to one another can be an excellent experience as it lets you explore your new neighbourhood and meet new people. However, it’s important to note that some rentals may not be furnished - this means students might have to bring their own furniture. Being expensive, sharing a suite with roommates is a common decision. Rentals come in many sizes, and can be anything from one room to more than one. The costs vary depending on the area, quality, and condition of the property. Renting can cost from C$400-C$1,500 (₹23,101- ₹86,630) per month. 

  • Homestays 

If you’re a student coming to Toronto for school, then one option for accommodation is homestays. You can choose from many different homestays in the locality of your institution. They typically include families who let students rent a room or two. In a homestay, you get access to a lot of facilities depending on the owner, such as laundry and kitchen access. It also helps you learn about Canadian culture and make chores easier. Homestays are a good choice because they give you a new network and make life easier.

Average Cost of Living in Toronto

Along with the below-mentioned costs, students have to keep their normal everyday expenses in check. This includes the student’s personal expenses, accommodations costs, traveling costs, etc.  


Cost in CAD

Single Room

CA$ 900 – CA$ 1225 per month

Double Room

CA$ 1000 – CA$ 1595 per month

Studio Apartment

CA$ 1200 – CA$ 1910 per month


CA$ 80 – CA$ 120 per month


CA$ 200 – CA$ 600 per month

Books and Study Material 

CA$ 200 to CA$ 350 per semester


CA$ 500 to CA$ 1,000 per year

Besides living on-campus or off-campus, there are many other things to consider when you’re starting a new journey in a new country. Renting an apartment around Toronto is one of them. At University Living our job is to find the perfect apartment as per your preferences. And we have over 100+ apartments in Toronto to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect apartment for a comfortable stay at affordable prices.

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