How to reach your audiences on YouTube in 2022

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How to reach your audiences on YouTube in 2022

How to reach your audiences on YouTube in 2022

Do you want to know what are the best formats to advertise on YouTube, how to reach your audiences, how to determine your success metrics and what are the payment methods you can choose according to your objective? In this article, you will have a work guide to be successful in promoting your content on YouTube.

Define goals and success metrics.

To publicize your product, project or solution, the first thing you should do is define your business objective and your metrics. What do you want to be on YouTube for maybe you want to buy YouTube likes and have a good jump-start with the business? What do you want to achieve? Reach, Awareness Effectiveness, Ad Recall Effectiveness, Consideration Effectiveness, Website Traffic; conversions, subscriptions, sales?

To know what you want, it is important to identify where you are with respect to your user. Do you want them to know you, to consider you or do you want a specific action from your public with your brand or product?

Knowledge: At this stage you want them to know you because you are new to the market or have a different proposal. You can be a new Italian food restaurant, an artist with a different style of music, or you can be an airline that opened a new international route.

In all three cases we have a different proposal and we want to make ourselves known. If you do not make yourself known, your customers do not know that you exist and they will not look for what you offer.

Consideration: At this stage they already know you, and you want them to consider you and buy from you. Imagine the case of a new cleaning product that has just entered the market. Customers are aware of the brand, but since the product is new, they tend to buy the competitor's product. The objective is that when that customer goes to the supermarket and sees the product, they choose it and buy it.

Actions: At this stage they already know you, they already consider you, they already love you and they buy from you, but you want them to do something concrete with your brand and your products. 

Determine how you want to appear at each stage of the user cycle:

There are many types of ads and formats, here are seven:

YouTube Home Take: With this format, YouTube is purchased for a day: the website, the app and the main YouTube advertising space. It is paid per day and per country and is purchased in advance. The value of the day is determined by YouTube. This is a format that captures massive reach quickly.

Bumpers Ads: 5 or 6 second ads that the user cannot skip. Although 5-6 seconds is a short time to explain a product or convince the user to take an action, it does make it possible to publicize a product and its main features.

Skippable 15/20 second pre-roll ads: Less common format, which requires a very clear marketing strategy. Apple used it 2-3 years ago when they released their new iPhone. It worked because Apple is known, everyone knew that a new iPhone was coming out and those who wanted a cell phone were willing to spend 15-20 seconds to see the content.

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