How to Spot a Fake Casio Watch

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If you are buying a watch online, look for genuine Casio watches with the CASIO brand on the face and back. You should also look for a full or partial model number.

How to Spot a Fake Casio Watch

Trying to buy an authentic Casio watch? You're not alone! Many people have problems with replicas or grey markets. Read on to learn how to spot the difference between a fake and an authentic Casio watch. We'll also discuss the grey market and the G-Shock brand. Buying an authentic Casio watch is a smart move for both the price and the warranty.


If you are buying a watch online, look for genuine Casio watches with the CASIO brand on the face and back. You should also look for a full or partial model number. If the watch is being sold on eBay, you can compare the image with what you find on the official Casio website to check for authenticity. The model number and CASIO mark should match. If you are buying a watch from a retailer, the model number should also be included on the back of the watch.

In addition to watches, Casio also makes accessories. Its Baby-G collection is aimed at girls and is the brand ambassador of Girls Generation. Men can also wear the G-Shock series. All of these watches feature waterproof cases and shock-resistant functions. These are the perfect watches for smart casual and inconspicuous wearers alike. You can also find Casio watches with the Baby-G brand.


Several fake Casio watches were recently seized by the Colombo Crimes Division in the country. The team, led by IP R.M.B. Rathnayaka, was able to carry out surveillance operations, including raids of counterfeit watch showrooms and warehouses. The raids were conducted in response to complaints from the Tokyo-based Casio Computer Co. Ltd. and were a direct result of a series of counterfeit Casio watch-related incidents.

Although there are several ways to identify fake Casio watches, the most reliable method is through professional appraisal. However, it is important to note that even the most experienced watch connoisseurs may not be able to differentiate minute details between genuine and fake watches. Since Casio watches are highly popular, anti-social elements have found an easy way to make money by selling fake watches in the UK. 

Grey market

The grey market is a source of affordable original Casio watches that are made in the same factory as the brand's online store. The majority of these watches are sold at discounted prices, usually 40% or more off the original price. The official resellers of the brand are often tied up with excess inventory and cannot purchase new collections until the old ones are sold off. When this happens, the only way to liquidate the old stock is to sell it on the grey market. However, this option is not always profitable for the resellers.

Luckily, some gray market dealers offer student discounts, decent delivery, and price-matches. They also offer financing options. And because they are not authorized, the prices are lower than the original retail price. These dealers often carry luxury watch brands that are more expensive than the authorized dealers. Buying from these dealers offers an opportunity to purchase an original Casio watch from a brand that does not have a local presence or won't ship to your country. This is a great option for watch enthusiasts outside of the United States.


The Original Casio G-Shock watch is an iconic timepiece, and its resurgence is a testament to its innovative spirit. Casio has been redefining the watch industry since the 1980s, when the company launched the G-Shock series. The AW-500, DW-5700, and DW-5900 series all made an impressive comeback with updated designs and new technologies. Casio's designers' talent and vision are evident in the modern, sleek style of these watches.

The G-Shock name came from a concept by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe in 1981. Kikuo Ibe had accidentally broken his father's pocket watch, prompting him to create a new model. His concept of a watch with triple digit resistance - waterproof to 10 meters, drop-proof to 10 metres, and ten-year battery life - was born. This idea was conceived and tested by three people, known as Team Tough. The G-Shock's design was shaped by these criteria. During the following two years, the team assembled and tested over 200 prototypes. This led to the G-Shock DW-5000C, which was released in 1983.


The Edifice series from Casio offers a number of advanced features. The Edifice ECBS100D-1A features a dial inspired by race car grilles. It is also Bluetooth enabled, so it can connect to iOS or Android smartphones. Using an App, you can control various functions, such as time and date, and transmit data from your watch to your smartphone. In addition, this watch is also equipped with an alarm, so you can set the time or ping your lost phone.

The Edifice is available in two distinct versions, the 500 and the EQB501. The 500 has a black coating, while the EQB501 is available in blue or white. Both models are similar in price, ranging from 280 to 400 USD. For a more affordable watch, consider the Edifice EQB501, which costs just over two hundred dollars. It is available online for $260 USD.


The popularity of Casio Baby-G watches has made them a must-have in many wardrobes. Available in a variety of color combinations, they're sure to please any watch-wearing woman. If you're on a budget, consider purchasing a Waterside Resorts Series or a Candy Colors World Time 100M Sport Watch. For more sophisticated tastes, try the G-Shock & Baby-G Pair Collection or the Lover's Collection.

These watches feature a stylish design and a 40mm size. They have two separate time zones, world and local time, and are also 100-meter water-resistant. The BGD-500 is a modern interpretation of the classic DW-520, which gained massive popularity in the early 90s. The BA-110DC series of watches feature denim textile patterns printed on them. The variety of colors available on the BABY-G watches makes it easy to match your watch to your outfit.

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