Is The Odor In Your House A Sign Of Water Damage?

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Is your garage, basement, or kitchen stinking with a fusty odor? It could be due to water damage in your house.

Is The Odor In Your House A Sign Of Water Damage?

Is your garage, basement, or kitchen stinking with a fusty odor? It could be due to water damage in your house. Moisture aids the growth of mold and mildew. The development of molds causes a musty smell in your home.

If you find a mold issue, then you must be very careful. Molds damage the furniture and materials they grow on. In addition, some molds are very toxic for humans. It is best to call professional restoration services Jacksonville to eradicate molds and mildew. Only professionals can find out the hidden places where molds have shown up.

Dry Out the Affected Area

Moisture is very much harmful to your house. Therefore, you must get rid of the water as early as possible. It will continue to cause damage to the concerned area as long as it remains there. Make sure the affected area is well ventilated. Use fans to circulate air and dry out the space.

If there is any water leakage, repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will dampen the entire area and damage the wood, carpet, or other materials. You can rent a dehumidifier to get the job done quickly. The whole affected area should be dry. 

Remove the Materials That Are Already Damaged

It is better to throw the damaged materials like carpets, curtains, and other fabrics. But unfortunately, wooden furniture gets damaged too. 

Water permeates through the wooden floor and ceiling and damages the wood permanently. If you want to save any furniture, keep that furniture separately in a dry place. Completely dry it out. But if the damage is already done, it cannot be retrieved. 

Clean and Disinfect the Unaffected Items 

After throwing all damaged items:

  • Clean the entire area properly.
  • Use disinfectant to clean the place. You can use a bleach solution or any other store-bought chemical for this.
  • Lightly spray the solution and wipe down the area.

 It will make sure that no mold spores linger for further growth.  

Repair the Damaged Ceiling First

Rainwater permeates through the ceiling. It damages the wood and iron attachments. Damaged ceilings are very dangerous as they can fall at any time. You don’t want your roof to collapse. Therefore, it is essential to find the source of leakage and seepage. 

Severe and long-time water leakage causes structural damage to the beam or iron structures. This weakened structure can lead to a severe problem and cannot be repaired without professional help. Get support from water restoration services Jacksonville.

Install New Floor 

Change the floor as soon as possible. Wooden feet get swollen. It becomes evident that the water has seeped into the floorboards. Replace the flooring with some water-proof flooring options. It will give long-lasting protection from any future water damage.  

Paint Your House with Water-proof Paints

Seal and caulk the newly installed materials to reduce any future leakage problems. After repairing, your house will be in desperate need of touch-ups. Immediately, paint it with a water-proof color.  

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