How to Protect RV Roof from Sun?

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Harsh sunlight sometimes can damage your RV roof, so to protect your RV roof from the sun, here are some useful tips that you can know by reading the post.

How to Protect RV Roof from Sun?

RV roofs are the most substantial ones that keep you protected from getting wet through their leak-proof technology and come in rubber, fiberglass, and aluminum. During summers, UV rays cause harmful effects, but you might know that the sun heat can degrade the roof of RVs and trailers, causing the exterior to look faded and more aged than it is. Moreover, along with exteriors, it can cause the interior fabrics to look dull and colorless. A large amount of RV roof is made of a rubber roof, and when it comes in contact with extreme heat, it eventually breaks down or wears out. Rubber roofs are prone to leaks in the rainy season and can significantly damage the RV roof. Therefore, you can seek assistance from experienced professionals of Sacramento RV repair to avoid future problems and costly damages.


In this blog, we will guide a few simple steps on how you can protect your RV roof from the sun.


Protecting RV roof from sun and UV radiations

RV roof cleaning and sealing can help protect the RV roof from the sun. Using a silicon-based sealer, seal the RV roof surfaces and cover the RV to limit the sun heat. Moreover, by following some RV maintenance tips, you can increase the life of your RV roof for years and can avoid expensive damages or repairs.


RV roof cleaning

For protecting the roof, it is imperative to follow the cleaning process regularly. It usually comprises cleaning out the dust particles using some acid that can even cause cracks in the rubber roof. But you can rectify it by using a bristle brush to scrub off the damage and seal off the roof surface with a silicon-based sealer. Also, make sure to cover the RV using a UV-resistant cover while not in use.


Sealing and coating the roof

Sealing and coating is the most beneficial and effective way to protect the roof from sun heat. Maintenance of the RV roof depends on the roof material. If your RV has a rubber roof, the liquid EPDM rubber coating is the best option and is feasibly available on the market. You can also get professional assistance from the team of trailer repair in Sacramento, CA. If your RV has a fiberglass roof, you can choose a fiberglass coating to protect it.


Roof Inspection

It is beneficial to inspect your RV roof to avoid future repair problems. For inspection, you can hire the professionals of Sacramento trailer repair to determine if your RV roof has any issues or not. They will start by diagnosing the seals and checking around the vents and the air conditioner.


Steps to protect

Here are some of the proven steps that could make your trailer look fantastic, and they are as follows:

1- Washing the RV can help in reducing the heat.

2- Try to dry off the excess water after the wash.

3- Use premium quality RV wax to ensure the vehicle is in good condition.

4- Avoid parking the RVs under the shade, as it can lead to staying more water on the roof.

5- Use UV-resistant covers to protect the RV from the extensive heat of the sun.


Restoring RV exterior

Over time, by using consistently, the exterior of an RV may experience many scratches, decreasing the exterior beauty. You can restore the feel and look by following the below-mentioned steps:

1- Using the polishing compound, run it over the area where there are scratches with a power buffer at a very minimal speed.

2- The next step includes using some rubbing compound depending on the surface of the RV exterior.

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