How Can I Get a Free Upgrade on KLM?

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Call the Helpline number : +1-802-216-2178 to get a free upgrade on KLM Airlines. You can contact the customer support by Helpline number, Email & Live chat options.

How Can I Get a Free Upgrade on KLM?

Get a free upgrade at KLM Airlines.

Many passengers who pass by the first-class wish, that they can travel and enjoy the luxury of the KLM first-class flights. Was it you this time who decided to fulfill your wish and travel in the first- class and that too without the applicable fees. 

Then, follow the methods written below to get a free upgrade on KLMand make sure to follow it till the end to understand it better. 

Methods for getting a free upgrade at KLM Airlines


  • Call on their official phone number. 
  • After choosing your language and selecting your query, you will connect with the human operator to help you with the upgrade.
  • Tell them the upgrade you want in your flight. 
  • Recite your flying blue miles to get the seat upgrade if the option is available. Otherwise, pay through your credit card or cash.
  • Ask them to send you a seat upgrade confirmation mail. 

The above is how you upgrade seat on KLM airlines through phone calls. Continue reading further to learn about the other methods too. 


  • Go to the official website of KLM airlines. 
  • Log in to your flying blue account with your credentials.
  • Click on “Manage My Account” and then on “Change or upgrade my reservations” to find the possible upgrades on your flight. 
  • Select the available upgrade and use your flying blue miles to make the payments. Otherwise, pay through a credit card or cash.
  • Enter your email address to get the confirmation mail.

If you booked the ticket through a third party, then ask them to assist you with the free seat upgrade at KLM Airlines.

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