ISO 22000 in Jordan: The ISO Standards You Need to Know

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ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan manages Food Safety Management System(FSMS), it guarantees the association that food standard conforms to international principles and wellbeing, nature of food has been very much dealt with. Finecert Solutions assist you with providing ISO 22000 in Jordan

ISO 22000 in Jordan: The ISO Standards You Need to Know

How will ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan help organizations to increase the trust in the food produced in order for safe consumption?


Jordan is one of the developing countries located in the Arabian region in Western Asia with Amman city as the capital of the country.

What is ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 is a global standard that introduces the general principles, the requirements, and the processes of sustainable management of Food Safety within the context of a human rights approach. It is an internationally recognized international standard to measure, evaluate and promote quality, safety, and security in the food supply chain. It can be utilized to trace back the origin and the safety of a product. How does ISO 22000 certification improve business operations in the Food Industry? ISO 22000 certification is regarded as the minimum regulatory framework within the food industry to align its business activities with global standards. These standards are the framework to address risks related to food and food safety.


Why ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan?

ISO 22000 is an international standard that was created to ensure food safety. Through this ISO standard, organizations are able to get the valuable information they need to understand what the next steps should be to improve the environment within which they are working. ISO 22000 certification in Jordan is the backbone of the food industry and the logistics industry and serves as the umbrella over the handling of different types of goods. Impact of ISO Certification in Jordan on the Food Industry The impact of ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan on the food industry is huge as it creates a comfortable environment to establish business ventures within the country.


The Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan

Jordan is one of the growing countries in terms of government policies for safe food production. The Jordanian government also enforced a standard regulation for food producers which includes the use of quality standards that will enhance the overall food quality. The monitoring of the quality standard is carried out on a daily basis by the Food Safety Organization. Thus, companies that have the ISO 22000 certification will be able to benefit from the level of knowledge and techniques of food production in Jordan. The adoption of the guidelines and standards in Jordan is a stepping stone for the security of the food supply in the country. In addition, the ISO 22000 certification will assist businesses in complying with the regulations.


How to Get ISO 22000 Certificate

Having received the ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan, organizations, industry professionals, and health and safety personnel can now more effectively conduct their daily activities in accordance with the global standards that will help ensure a safe and healthy environment for their customers. The process of getting the ISO 22000 Certification is very simple and affordable, as there are no upfront costs and registration is done online, saving considerable time and money. Consolidated Management System (CMS) is the Core of ISO 22000 Certification in Jordan. Managing the activities within the global food supply chain is crucial and has a huge impact on the quality of food that people consume.


How to Maintain the ISO 22000 Certificate

Taking advantage of Jordan's growing economy and rising investments, the quality of food produced in the country is expected to rise. Thus, to help organizations to maintain the ISO 22000 Certification and ISO 9001 Certification, it is essential to comply with these international standards. The factors affecting the certification process include quality, safety, quality assurance, environmental responsibility, ethical standard, and legal compliance. The team at SGS has gained the knowledge and skill to analyze the food products based on their raw materials, quality, and certification, and to meet the stringent requirements of the certified organization.



ISO is a certification marking system that reflects the level of excellence and trust that one can expect from an organization. ISO 22000 is the international standard framework that helps to judge the overall performance of a business and validate the organization’s ability to adhere to high-quality standards. Finecert is a third-party body that helps organizations get certified with the ISO standard. Finecert Solutions have a well-trained team that provides consultancy and always tries to satisfy you with their advice

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