How Do I Change My Flight Date on ANA?

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Call the Helpline number : 1-802-216-2178/+44-203-514-1052 if you want to change your flight date on ANA airlines. You can also contact to the customer support for more details about ANA flight change fee.

How Do I Change My Flight Date on ANA?

Your guide to ANA flight modification 

ANA is a Japanese airline that covers over 120 destinations and flies non-stop to keep the passengers happy. People who have made up their mind to fly with this 5-star rated airline and have accidentally reserved the wrong seat or booked the trip for the wrong date have the right to make changes to the already booked ANA flight with the details as provided. 

You need to know ‘ How do I change my flight date on ANA?’ you just have to,

  • Open ANA in any web browser. 

  • Below the name ‘ANA,’ you will see the ‘Plan and Book .’Open it, and a fresh ANA page appears. 

  • You can see three circular options at the top right. Choose the human stick figure option and open ‘My Booking.’ 

  • Out of two options, select your method to log in. Once you can access your account, you can start changing the flight date.

  • As per the ANA flight policy, this kind of change is only allowed up to 24 hours before the departure of the original flight. For the new flight, you can make changes up to 6 hours before the flight. 

There could be the matter of ANA flight change fee, which is not fixed as per the airline. This fee is charged based on the type of your ticket and the time you decide to modify it. The airline can charge up to $500 based on these two factors for a single seat. 

So passengers who are about to modify their flight are advised to first contact an ANA support executive and ask them to help minimize the penalty and losses. The contact details are present on the helpdesk page. 

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