Changes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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Changes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources - Everything you need to know. Dynamics 365 Human Resources and the HR module from Dynamics 365 Finance or Supply Chain Management will be merged.

Changes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft is merging human resources functionalities

Dynamics 365 Human Resources and the HR module from Dynamics 365 Finance or Supply Chain Management will be merged. This is intended to improve the functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources and create a more uniform user experience. A complete overview of the changes and new features can be found here. However, users also have a few questions that Microsoft has now answered in a blog post. We have summarized the most important information for you below.

What is the timetable for the changes?

The changes will be introduced as part of the 2nd release wave 2021. We have summarized everything important about this release wave. The merger is divided into several phases. A public preview will be available from December 2021. A generally available version will be public from January 2022. The merging of the infrastructure will be completed with the 1st release wave in 2022. However, Microsoft points out that the schedule is subject to change.

How does the transition to the new infrastructure work?

Organizations currently using Dynamics 365 Human Resources will have access to a migration tool. The transition should be possible without interruption of service. From the time the migration tool is made available, users have 12 to 18 months to make the transition. Organizations using Dynamics 365 Human Resources and the HR module will also need the migration tool to switch to the new infrastructure.

Organizations currently using the HR module from Dynamics 365 Finance or Supply Chain Management will receive new functions as part of a public preview version with the service update in December.

Will currently available features be lost?

Microsoft says no features will be lost. For functions that exist both in Dynamics 365 Human Resources and in the HR module of Finance or Supply Chain Management , the functions from Dynamics 365 Human Resources are used in the new infrastructure.

Will there be any changes regarding licensing?

Customers who own a Dynamics 365 Human Resources Pricing & license do not require any license changes. The Human Resources specific sandbox stock-keeping unit (SKU) will no longer be available. Instead, customers will be able to purchase a Finance and Operations Tier 2 sandbox for a discounted price. Customers who have purchased a Human Resources sandbox will be migrated to a Finance and Operations Tier 2 sandbox at no cost.

Customers currently using the HR module will need to purchase licenses for Dynamics 365 Human Resources starting February 2025 . They will be able to use the new functionalities until February 2025 or until their current contract expires. However, customers can switch to Dynamics 365 Human Resources licenses earlier if they wish.

What resources will there be to support the transition process?

Microsoft will provide documentation for each step of the transition. Where appropriate, there will also be videos and workshops. According to Microsoft, however, no decision has been made about this at the current time.

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