Here's Your Guide To Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

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PREGNANCY SAFE TEA: Healofy Naturals Tea In Pregnancy (or) Pregnancy Tea helps in treating the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite and gives relaxing sleep all night. This Pregnancy Nutrition (or) Nausea Pregnancy helps in treating pregnancy complications that might

Here's Your Guide To Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Your favourite chai which you may be resorting to start your day may not be safe for consumption during pregnancy. However, do not feel disheartened, we have a whole list of herbal tea during pregnancy to set your mornings right.

Once you conceive, you may be asked to become careful about consuming various food items. One such thing which is considered not very safe during pregnancy is tea or chai. If you are a tea lover and feel that you will be missing your favorite tea then here we come to your rescue. In this blog we will introduce you to herbal tea during pregnancy which is considered safe.

The tea which we are going to discuss is pregnancy-safe tea and is caffeine-free.

Herbal Pregnancy Tea: Meaning Benefits


Herbal pregnancy tea is generally made of leaves, peels, flowers and roots that have medicinal properties. They can either be consumed as individual herbal teas like peppermint or ginger tea “or” handpicked and mixed together carefully to make a wholesome herbal tea during pregnancy.

Herbal teas are also called pregnancy Safe Tea because they are caffeine free and healthier choices. They not only refresh or energize you but also bring in bundle of benefits;

Benefits of Herbal Pregnancy Tea:

Consuming pregnancy-safe tea every day from the early stages of pregnancy may;

-Reduce nausea vomiting

-Prevent constipation acidity

-Minimize morning sickness

-Provide strength builds immunity

-Reduce stress anxiety

-Make the uterus healthy ready for delivery

How to choose the best herbal pregnancy tea ?

Here is the list of natural ingredients that you should look for while choosing herbal tea during pregnancy:


Your loved ginger tea might become a “No “ during pregnancy because it would have more than half of it as caffeine containing tea. So, while opting for any herbal tea during pregnancy, you can choose the one with ginger other herbal ingredients in place of caffeine containing leaves. The benefits of ginger during pregnancy includes;

Ginger in your pregnancy tea

Brings relief from nausea vomiting
Works as effective remedy for morning sickness
Aids digestion by treating gas acidity
You can even try consuming ginger tea without any other herbs mixed in it. However, avoid consumption for best health.


The soothing effect after drinking a sip of tea with menthol or peppermint taste will give you a lot of satisfaction. So, while choosing a pregnancy-safe tea, try opting for a tea with peppermint in it. It will benefit you in all three trimesters.

How does peppermint in pregnancy tea help?

Improves digestion treats acidity
Reduces anxiety and headaches caused
Eases heartburn and dizziness

Orange Peel:

Feeling surprises after reading Orange Peel? Don’t be. And yes, orange peel helps benefit you and your baby in multiple ways.n It is the best source of Vitamin C antioxidants that help during and after your pregnancy. Orange peel will do wonders if it’s an ingredient of your pregnancy tea.

How does orange peel help?

Strengthens the immune system of you and your baby
Helps in maintaining blood pressure
Supports digestion treats gastric problems


If you want a hot cup of tea that is caffeine-free and safe for both the baby and you during pregnancy, you must consume pregnancy teas that have rooibos in them. Rooibos helps you get ready for pregnancy with your baby. Know how…

How does Rooibos help?

Balances good cholesterol levels in pregnant mom’s body
Enhances the immunity of both mom baby
Strengthens the uterus walls makes the uterus healthy and ready for delivery.
We might be feeling puzzled on how to manage to get all these wonder ingredients together in one. We heard you! Bringing to you Healofy Naturals Herbal tea for pregnancy that wondrous benefits magic of all the ingredients mentioned above.

Healofy Naturals Pregnancy Tea is the BEST:

From choosing organically grown plants in the fields to quality tests, maintaining everything natural, and bringing it to your cup, Healofy Naturals will never go wrong anywhere. Our pregnancy-safe tea is trusted by so many moms and is clinically proven to be very safe and effective for the baby and you. This Herbal pregnancy tea during pregnancy is paraben and toxin-free and is clinically tested to rule out any side effects as well.

Doctors also suggest pregnant women to not drink much of a regular chai and shift to some kind of herbal tea to benefit the maternity journey. This herbal tea during pregnancy can prove to your morning time ritual partner. This tea is loaded with goodness of herbal ingredients like ginger, peppermint, Orange peel, Rooibos more

Knowing why Healofy Naturals pregnancy-safe tea is the best is not enough. You must also know how to drink this relaxing tea every day it is also your right to know about any side-effects of overdrinking this tea…

How to enjoy this herbal tea every day?

-Put 1 tea bag in a cup

-Pour freshly boiled water in the same cup

-Keep the bag in the cup for 2-3minutes

-Remove the tea bag

-Enjoy every sip of this tea

Relax yourself and sip this delicious pregnancy safe tea every morning to get enough benefits for you and the baby. Consume this tea twice a day . Avoid overconsumption for best results.

Is it really safe to consume all types of herbal tea during pregnancy?

Not all herbal teas are considered safe during pregnancy. The ones which are safe should also be consumed in moderation i.e in limited amounts. Overconsumption of certain herbal tea like raspberry must be avoided owing to the risk of preterm labour.

What type of herbal teas during pregnancy are considered not safe?

-Chamomile tea when consumed in large amounts may trigger uterine contraction, so it is best to avoid them.

-Liquorice Root Tea: this herb is shown to cause premature labor, hence, should be avoided during pregnancy.

-Alfalfa Tea: Considered to be beneficial in general, might cause side effects during pregnancy.

- Some other herbal teas considered unsafe during pregnancy include Nettle Tea, Dandelion tea,Parsley tea etc.



Don’t lose hope if you feel you have to give up on your favourite cup of chai. You have tasty and healthy alternatives at your service inthe form of pregnancy safe tea or better called herbal tea during pregnancy. Of all the pregnancy safe teas that you might see in the market, your best and 1st choice should be healofy Naturals caffeine- free herbal tea during pregnancy. This pregnancy safe tea has ginger, rooibos, peppermint, and orange peel that can help you with digestion, immunity, better sleep more. This pregnancy tea is lab tested for safety and is also very effective. So, do switch to a healthy alternative to your regular tea and make yourself the best mom with the best pregnancy tea in hand.

Now, what’s stopping you from getting a cup of guilt-free and nutritious tea to nurture you and the baby? Go get this amazing drink delivered to your doorstep right away. Healofy Naturals will never break the promise.

Happy Parenting :)

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