How To Stay On Top Digital Marketing Trend

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How To Stay On Top Digital Marketing Trend by Digital Sandip

How To Stay On Top Digital Marketing Trend

How To Stay On Top Digital Marketing Trend

We all know how technology is constantly changing. Nowadays, the way we market our self and our product is opposite to earlier times, the reason of which is the change in content consumption habits. The content consumption habit is shifted to online mode. After the pandemic, people, in general, are now more dependent on the internet compared to before. Take school, for example, use of the internet was limited among students before the pandemic but now education being shifted to online mode, now they require the internet for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

Digital marketing is the new key for earning and reaching out to new prospects. Not only this, digital marketing still has a bright future in the coming days.

What new is in digital marketing? The answer is the trend. A digital trend is “a technique which digital ecosystem uses to promote/market the product in a unique way”.

Often, marketers are not adapting to the ongoing trends, which is a huge mistake for them. Ignoring the digital trend is an opportunity lost.

With increasing competition in the market, every marketer is looking for new techniques to use to be ahead of their competitors, which indeed is very necessary. It is necessary to attract new leads in innovative ways in the digital era. The easiest way of remaining talk of the town in the market is adapting digital trends in the earliest days.

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Why is it important to stay updated with such trends?

Any business aims to generate new leads and to reach new prospects and marketing holds this power. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an already well-established business owner you’re required to follow and stay updated with the digital world.

The rapid technological change has made marketers realize that digital marketing is more effective and cost-saving. It requires comparatively less physical work. For digital marketing, all you need is knowledge, tools, and brains to execute the plans. The platform is used by the young generation who is a huge base of customers. The importance of digital marketing is unquestionable. It is slowly becoming indispensable to businesses.

Thinking about how you can stay at top of the digital trend? Don’t worry. Mentioned below are some of the ways which can help you.

How to stay on Top of Digital Marketing Trends?

Social media 

what is a better place than a social media platform to be updated with trends? Gone are the days, when social media was used just for entertainment purposes. Observing content from social media apps is a great of staying up to date with digital marketing trends and using them. Apps like LinkedIn In, Facebook, and Twitter can help you know about trends.

  • Follow people from the same industry.
  • Follow and engage with similar business accounts
  • Make sure to engage with relevant content
  • Keep eye on trending topics on apps like Twitter.
  • Join groups of your niche on LinkedIn.

By performing above mentioned activities, your newsfeed of every social media app will have a post related to your domain. You can save, analyze the ongoing trend and jump on the according to your comfort.


Blogs are the way of generating content written in informal style on a specific niche with keeping SEO (search engine operations) in mind. A large number of people still like to read the information on the internet. According to stats, 77% of internet users read blogs.

Marketing blogs (e.g. this one) helps in reaching out to the audience and to make them aware of your business.  To stay on-trend via your blog you have to know what the next big thing in your field is, research it and publish content on that particular topic. Writing blogs on a trending topic is expected to rank higher.

Also, try to solve queries with your blogs. Studies have shown blogs like “how to”, “when to”, “why to” are the most searched blogs these days, as readers need to know answers for their general questions.

For eg, you’re an institute that teaches digital marketing to students, blogs like “why Digital marketing is going to boom in the future”, “why to start learning digital marketing” will be relevant to your website.

Google Alert

Would you believe in me if I tell you there’s a free tool that sends you an email whenever there is a search for a keyword you’re interested in? This is true. Google alerts are a service provided by Google, where the server sends you an email automatically, whenever there is a new web page, new blog, new research article that matches with your keyword.

If you’ve not enabled this free service, I’ll suggest you get it done after reading this blog post. This will save almost half of your time from manual research.

Google alerts are a great way of staying updated with ongoing trends in your particular domain. The benefit is that there is no need for manual research, search engine Google will do the automatic research for you that too free of cost.


Marketers often ignore studying hashtags on different platforms which is a big mistake. Hashtags are not only free promoters of your content but also act as an organizer of content. Creators use different hashtags for their content which helps in segregation.

Searching and studying hashtags of your particular niche will provide you insights on ongoing trends, which you may use to increase reach. And getting on top of such hashtags will provide you with positive results, it’ll give you a larger reach and more recognition.

Analyze as many hashtags as you can to widen your reach. E.g. – being a digital marketer one may look after hashtags like “digital marketing”, “social media”, and “popular trend” etc.

Keep in mind to use hashtags related to your niche, using and studying irrelevant hashtags will not generate positive results for you.

Be Updated with your Competitor 

Relax, this doesn’t mean we’re asking you to copy your competitors. All you have to do is, identify your top 5 competitors, make a list of them and just keep an eye on them.

You’re required to analyze their content creation process, see their top performed content and ideas. You’re not supposed to copy them but just be updated with their content. In this way, you can get new blog topic ideas, video marketing ideas. You can even recreate their content differently. You can even collaborate with them on an event for a specific cause, this will make their customers aware of your business and product.

This technique will help you know the trends in our domain adapted by your competitor and I’m sure your competitor is already using this technique to stay on top of every trend. Many of your competitors might have already started to analyze your content system to gain utmost advantage


Networking is a great of seeing what others are doing in your industry and using everyone’s knowledge for your own business’s advantage. You can network and brainstorm with a similar business owner to get a hint of their thinking. You can take the help of social media platform in this situation. Connect with professionals, arrange a brainstorming event, and work with groups to the extent of your pre-defined network. Many times you can work and start your trend in a domain involving everyone.

Networking is not confined to the outside. It’s necessary to network and communicate with your team. Why? Because working in the marketing field requires research, and your team probably identifies various trends while performing research. Hence, you can create a separate forum or platform once in a while for your team to discuss the various trends and work on them.

Conference and Webinars 

One thing that this pandemic has changed is the availability of online resources. Almost every resource is available within few clicks. Earlier, we used to attend conferences, webinars, and events physically but now we can listen to such resources on our laptop speech.

Take advantage of your digital presence and attend events from your domain. You can even hear other marketers discussing the trends, the changes in the industry. Get in contact with specialists and experts in your field and acquire knowledge from them. You can grab the opportunity and create content according to your industry need. You can even get an answer to your questions, or clear out the confusion by having a conversation with other marketers.


No matter how much research you apply in creating content, if the content is not related to your audience it won’t be appreciated or recognized. And that is why it is advised to personalize and customize your content. Studies have shown customized content according to audience shows greater response compared to general content. Study and analyze the trends and create them in a manner that is useful for you and your business. In marketing, personalization is about knowing what your audience likes and needs and providing them with the same.

You can even try to create trendy yet interactive content. For example, creating product-based quizzes, making consumers aware through a contest, etc. This can boost companies’ engagement among audiences.

Wind up Opinion

Doesn’t matter the field you’re working in, change is mandatory. It is important to stay updated with ongoing changes. Being outdated will harm your business. As people are getting more aware, they use more digital media, they know what they want and thus will not settle with anything less.

  • But the same rule (change is necessary) becomes more important if you’re working in digital marketing. Digital marketing is a field with is constantly changing and updating. There are always new trends incorporating in the digital industry. And to cope up with it, timely research and modifications are required.

We hope this blog came useful to you. All the above techniques are effective and efficient. Make sure to follow all the above tactics to stay on top of all digital media trends for your business. We wish Happy and fruitful posting for your business.