How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

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The garage door springs are responsible for supporting the heavyweight of the garage door and allowing it to run properly. Depending on how they're used, they can last anywhere from 14 to 20 years.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Your garage door comprises a complex system of mechanisms that requires maintenance and care periodically to ensure proper functioning. Similarly, your garage door springs play a significant role in the flawless functioning of your garage door. It encompasses torsion springs and extension springs, responsible for the uplifting and closing of the garage door. Broken garage door springs lead to the garage door malfunctioning, resulting in the repair or replacement of the door parts. But you can prevent the garage door springs from breaking by doing proper inspection and maintenance. Early detection of garage doors can save you from spending hefty amounts on repair and replacement. Seeking professional repair services for garage spring broken in Sacramento will be worth beneficial and can avoid severe damage.

How can you determine the average lifespan of a garage door spring?

The garage door springs are responsible for carrying the extreme weight of the garage door and enabling it for smooth functioning. It provides ease in the closing and opening the garage door by eliminating much weight from the door opener. You can calculate the life expectancy of the garage door by cycles and can easily translate it into years. Usually, a garage door opens four to five times a day. With 10,000 cycles of torsion spring, you can expect the life expectancy for the garage door to be approximately seven years. High-cycle springs last for 14-20 years.

Signs that indicate its time to replace or repair the springs

Most homeowners might not know when is the right time to repair or replace their garage door springs. But by analyzing a few signs, you can determine whether your garage door needs replacement or repair. Moreover, you can hire a team that provides reliable garage door services in Sacramento for inspection and maintenance purposes.

Here are a few signs that show your springs are ready for replacement:

Hearing the sound of Garage Door opener strain:

The moment you hear that your garage door is making strangle noises while opening, it means something is wrong with your garage door.

The door shuts without warning:

If your garage door shuts suddenly, your garage door might have its torsion broken.

The door becomes heavy:

When you find it difficult or impossible to open the door, it might be a sign of breaking of garage door springs.

Hearing of loud popping sound while closing the door:

If you hear some loud strange sound while closing the door, your garage door springs might be worn or damaged.

If you experience any of the above signs, you might need to call for emergency garage door repair in Sacramento.

Reasons leading to the breaking of garage door springs


The lifespan of a garage is a substantial factor leading to the breaking of garage door springs. The garage door springs usually last for seven years, but they can last for more years if maintained periodically. For instance, if you open and close the garage door only once or twice a day, you can expect the lifespan of the springs for 14 years. The spring’s lifespan is directly proportional to the number of cycles used in a day to open and close the door. If you neglect the functioning of garage doors, the springs will wear out and break earlier than expected.


Rusting in the torsion is very usual and a significant reason for prematurely breaking up of garage door springs. Rusted torsion springs disrupt flawless functioning, increase the friction on the coil and deteriorate the spring itself. Hence, it is essential to lubricate the springs with WD-40 and inspect them every season to keep them rust-free.

Spring under pressure:

Usually, the garage door consists of two torsion springs on each side, while in some, there is only one spring for handling the garage door functioning. Hence, it is highly recommended to two-spring model in the garage door, as one spring has a shorter lifespan, and if it fails, there will be no other half to balance the working.

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