The Truth About Free Online Music Downloads

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Recently, my client was very excited to try 2022 mp3 songs free download after getting high speed internet.

The Truth About Free Online Music Downloads

Recently, my client was very excited to try 2022 mp3 songs free download after getting high speed internet. After some searching for unlimited 2022 mp3 songs free download services, she came across a site that ranked #1 among several user review sites. For $14.99 a year, she could get unlimited free 2022 mp3 songs free download, movies and more! Sound too good to be true?

More and more complaints have been filed against these types of companies offering music download services. My client was just another statistic in the practice of fraudulent 2022 mp3 songs free download sites. When she first logged into her account, she was redirected to several articles about burning CDs and sites like Yahoo and Google where she could "search" for her own "free" music. She was also charged an additional $17.00 for spyware that she did not order.

We contacted customer service on behalf of the customer. After a long wait, we were redirected to the manufacturer of the spyware she never agreed to order. Further investigation provided us with long lists of reports about this and similar websites offering unlimited "free" downloads. They were selling information that anyone could get for free, and the FTC had them on target.

While several cases are pending, there will never be a way to completely rid the cyber world of these types of rogue service providers. What can you do to protect yourself? Here are some basic principles:

  1. do a little research. Check online forums that are reputable and well known. Don't respond to pop-up ads or spam. (The user reviews that ranked this particular service provider #1 were listed on a site owned by a spyware company, and the reviews were never real).
  2. Remember that songwriters and artists want to get paid for their songs. If a service offers unlimited downloads to your computer for burning a CD, these artists are usually not paid. Larger name services allow unlimited downloads to MP3 players that can only be used by one listener. If you see that the latest top 40 hit is available for free download to your computer, beware. You could be participating in piracy, a crime punishable by jail time or heavy fines.
  3. Read the fine print. All reputable service providers should offer a "try and see" period to test the waters. If a company says it doesn't offer refunds under any circumstances or charges a fee to reimburse you for unused membership fees, run away fast!

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