How To Reserve my seat in Air India

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How To Reserve my seat in Air India

Things to know about Air India

when you are traveling with Air India then you should also know the kind of facilities that is provided by the Air India and what separates it from other Airline. It is one of the oldest airlines which is operating since 1932 and it is being owned by the Tata group. Air India operates in 70 international destinations and 100 domestic Airports. When you travel by Air India then you can experience the comfort and the services like complimentary meals and supporting cabin crew.

Ways to book a seat in Air India

There are various methods for the Air India seat booking process which make you travel light and comfortable. So the steps for booking are:-

  • Web check-in: - you can book your ticket in Air India through the web check-in through the browser and if you want to do web check-in then visit the official page of Air India there you will have the option of managing your trip in that option you will see the web check-in option select that option. After that, it will require a booking reference number or E-ticket number and the last name of the passenger than hit on to find the option now different option will appear in front of you select the seat reservation option, and choose a seat as per your choice.
  • App:- Air India also allows you to reserve your seat online through the mobile application. You can reserve just by downloading the Air India application on your mobile phone after that go to manage your trip option and then select the web check-in option from them and after entering the PNR number or booking reference number and entering the last name you can reserve your seat.
  • Through kiosk check-in:- in the Airport there are kiosk machines had been installed you can also reserve from there. Just visit the machine and enter your booking number and the last name hit enter after that they may ask for an email address enter the registered email address select the available seat and your seat will get booked. 
  • Airline counter: - if you do not want to book your seat or facing difficulties in booking your seat then you can also make the reservation through the counter of Air India available at the Airport. Provide them with your booking number or PNR number and your last name then select from the available options.

Hence, the question mainly arises while making up their reservation in Air India that  How To Reserve my seat in Air India so the answer to that question had been mention in the above statement but apart from these you can also contact to the reservation counter via call. You can get the number of Air India customer service as you visit the official page of Air India there you will see the option of contact in that there is an option of customer support select that option and you will have customer service detail you can reserve your seat through this also. 

If you have any doubts then you can make a call on our cutomer service team at +1(802) 209 2600.