What You Should Know About Polymer Capacitors

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What You Should Know About Polymer Capacitors

Polymer Capacitors

The wide operating temperature range of conductive polymer capacitors is suitable for many applications. Generally, they operate from -55deg C to +105deg C. In some cases, they can even work at +125deg C. Conductors are not affected by the high altitude, low atmospheric pressure, vacuum operation, or radiation exposure. But they should be kept away from extreme temperatures, such as -40deg C to +120deg C, as the temperature of the capacitor may be over-10deg C by RMS current.


A KO-CAP, or KEMET polymer capacitor, is an environmentally friendly and durable replacement for MLCCs. Its unique design enables it to replace the entire bank of MLCCs while offering excellent performance and high capacity. In addition, the capacitors are RoHS compliant and lead-free, ensuring that the environment is protected from contaminants. Here's what you should know about KO-CAPs.

KEMET's Polymer Capacitor Reliability Assessment Test combines time-proven concepts with advanced temperature and voltage acceleration techniques to test the reliability of the parts. This unique test is tailored to the components it tries, ensuring maximum accuracy and reproducibility. The result is an empirical estimate of the failure rate of mounted parts. KEMET is a leading company in the field of polymer capacitor technology.

The T598/T599 Automotive Grade Polymer Capacitors offer higher capacitance and ESR stability than the previous T598 Series. They are capable of 1,000 hours at 85% RH and 85degC. In addition, the T598 Series is now available with an Sn/Pb termination finish and an optional surge current per MIL-PRF-55365. They have been manufactured in ISO TS 16949 certified facilities and are subject to change control.

The T591 Series is available in capacitances up to 220 microfarads and can be operated up to ten volts. KEMET has also developed a qualified qualification plan for its capacitors, using AEC-Q200 guidelines. The capable capacitors undergo rigorous testing and are AEC-Q200-qualified. Their reliability and performance make them ideal for various applications, from medical implanted devices to aerospace.

In December, a virus outbreak caused by the COVID-19 virus spread worldwide. It has led to flight cancellations and travel bans. Over forty countries have declared a state of emergency, and the stock market has experienced considerable volatility and panic among the population. Hence, COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the Polymer Capacitor industry. If you want to know more about this industry, check out this research report.

The IEC 60384-1 specification specifies the maximum operating voltage and temperature of a polymer e-cap. The rated voltage UR is the ultimate DC and peak pulse voltage that a capacitor can support. The rated temperature TR refers to the ambient temperature the capacitors are tested. At 60degC, 90% RH, most KEMET polymer Ta capacitors meet their 500-hour specification.

A hybrid polymer capacitor is another type of e-cap. Its liquid electrolyte connects the polymer layers and lowers the leakage current. A hybrid polymer capacitor has the added benefit of a liquid electrolyte that delivers oxygen and heals the dielectric layer. A hybrid polymer capacitor will have a lower leakage current than a standard Al-e-cap, but it still has similar characteristics.


AVX offers a broad line of conductive polymer solid electrolytic capacitors for various applications. These AVX polymer capacitors target specific and general market needs. They provide a high capacity in a facedown case with a wide operating temperature range. They are RoHS compliant and lead-free. Kyocera's AVX polymer capacitors are excellent for applications requiring low ESRs and low ESLs.

AVX polymer capacitors provide high capacitance in small packages. They feature low ESR, a hermetically sealed design, and have soft, predictable ESR. They are RoHS compliant and are available in facedown, under the tab, and J-led arrangements. Kyocera also has an open, progressive policy toward ethical supply. KYOCERA AVX capacitors meet a wide range of bulk capacitance requirements and are the first capacitors to use new polymer technologies.

The acquisition of tantalum and polymer capacitor manufacturing assets by ROHM Semiconductor expands Kyocera's portfolio of electrolytic capacitor solutions. KYOCERA AVX is now the world's largest supplier of tantalum capacitors and is a leading supplier of high-reliability manganese dioxide (MnO2)-forged tantalum capacitors. Its diverse portfolio serves medical, military, and aerospace applications.

As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, KYOCERA AVX is committed to the ethical supply of tantalum. As a result, it is the first tantalum capacitor manufacturer to meet OECD guidelines and comply with conflict minerals legislation. Polymer Capacitors is another significant achievement in the company's global efforts to make our world a better place. Polymer Capacitors make the KYOC AVX an excellent choice for your next electrolytic capacitor project.

The company's extensive electrolytic and polymer capacitors portfolio include high-reliability CMS tantalum MnO2 capacitors and hybrid solutions for higher capacity applications. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of KYOCERA Corporation, KYOCERA AVX can leverage shared resources and a global footprint. In addition, the company's talented workforce is committed to innovation and product development.

The global market for Conductive Polymer Capacitors includes detailed information about suppliers, manufacturers, and industry players. This report consists of both secondary and primary research. Interviews with industry experts and key opinion leaders helped identify the top players. It also includes a detailed analysis of the past and future of the industry and the COVID-19 polymer capacitor market. So, what are you waiting for? Don't delay; order your copy of the report today!

AVX conductive polymer tantalum

AVX Corp. recently released a tantalum polymer capacitor with a voltage rating of 125V in a limited-quantity sample. Volume production is expected to begin next year. The new capacitor features a conductive polymer that reduces ESR and ignition failure mode, while its voltage rating is higher than its predecessor. These new developments will improve previous products, allowing for higher ratings in the future.

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has recently expanded the F38 Series to include the most miniature tantalum capacitors. These capacitors feature conductive polymer electrodes, a vital part of the TCH Series. In addition, they exhibit high capacitance and high ripple current. Additionally, they are hermetically sealed in inert gas, ensuring that they maintain their high performance under varying operating conditions. They are handy for power supplies that need high levels of reliability and low payload.

As an electrolytic capacitor, polymer tantalum electrolytes have lower ESR values than manganese dioxide electrolyte capacitors. In addition, many polymer tantalum capacitors offer multi-anode construction, resulting in lower ESR values. They are also available in tantalum chip capacitors with a MnO2 electrolyte. These capacitors are also environmentally friendly.

The research report examines the global market for conductive polymer tantalum capacitors, including production costs, raw materials, and supply. It also addresses various application methods of conductive polymer materials. The popular electro-polymerization process is used to produce the conductive polymer material. The study forecasts the global consumption of the conductive polymer tantalum capacitor by type, configuration, and end-use market segment.

AVX Corporation has also enhanced its tantalum polymer capacitor portfolio with new TCN Series tantalum polymer capacitors, which offer the highest CV rating in the industry. The new capacitors have under tab designs and a 1.2mm profile. They are ideal for continuous operation and are also highly surge-current robust. They are RoHS-compliant. It is also possible to get these capacitors in high volumetric efficiency.

AVX conductive polymer tantalus capacitor features a conductive polymer electrode to minimize ignition failure. This type of tantalum capacitor is RoHS-compliant. It also contains no halogens, which means it has fewer risks of ignition failure. Further, a conductive polymer is non-flammable, making it suitable for high-voltage applications.

The rated voltage UR for a polymer e-cap is defined in IEC 60384-1. It is the highest DC or peak pulse voltage that can be applied continuously. The rated voltage UR uses in the specified temperature range TR. The rated voltage UR is less sensitive to temperature when applied within that range. In a span of temperatures, the ESR of a polymer e-cap is practically linear.


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