How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H202? Troubleshooting Guide

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If you are a user of Quickbooks, and while using it, you face an issue like QuickBooks error H202 and don't know how to fix it. Read the blog till the end and get the complete troubleshooting guide to fix this error.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H202? Troubleshooting Guide

Once the users switch to the QuickBooks multi-user mode, they often receive the error code H202 in the QuickBooks. This error can be basically due to the multi-user connection user on the computer. You can fix the issue using the simple troubleshooting steps that you can read further.

Why does QuickBooks error H202 happen?

In the multi-user network, the QuickBooks file is stored on the server computer, and all of the devices are connected to the one network named workstation. Sometimes workstation fails to get access to the company file, which creates the problem of QuickBooks error H202.

The process to resolve QuickBooks error code H202:

   Restore the network connectivity:

To check the network connection, you need to ping down the server from the workstation.

  • For this, you need to enter RUN in the windows search bar.


  • You need to enter CMD at the run window and select the enter button.


  • With this, you need to type ping server name and tap on the enter button.


  • If you detect any slow network, you need to fix the network connection.

 Configure the firewall settings on the host computer:

You need to ensure that server computer settings are not blocking the QuickBooks to fix the issue. You need to add a QuickBooks port exception on the firewall. Once you get the firewall permissions, you need to locate the QuickBooks on the same workstation in multi-user mode. With this, you will completely get rid of the issue.

If the error is still there, you can connect with the customer support team of QuickBooks. They will help you learn all the fixes that you can apply to the error. You can tell them about the QuickBooks error H202 and speak with the executive regarding all the issues. You can choose from the multiple ways available on their support page to reach them.

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