Why is my Gmail Not working and How to Resolve it?

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Why is my Gmail Not working and How to Resolve it?

Gmail is one of those services you don't worry about until it's gone. Gmail not working for you today? When it hits the fan, you need to fix it, but how? We're here to help as we break down the most common Gmail problems and how to fix them.

Editor's Note: Some of the instructions in this article were generated using a Pixel 4a 5G running Android 12 and a custom Windows 11 PC. Please note that the steps may be slightly different depending on the device and software you are using.

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1. Is Gmail down?
Gmail not working for you? There's a chance it won't work for anyone! This is not a common thing, but Google services go down from time to time. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to check if this is the case.

You can go to the Google Workspace status dashboard. This page will tell you if any Google services are operational or not. Of course, Gmail is one of the apps listed. Alternatively, you can try a website like DownDetector. The site collects user reports to identify service interruptions. There's even a map to see if the problem is local.

2. Close and reopen Gmail
This is a simple but very functional troubleshooting tip that works most of the time. Simply closing and reopening Gmail can often fix any local issues. If you're using a browser, try restarting the entire browser as well, instead of just closing the tab.

3. Make sure Gmail sync is turned on
Sometimes, we mess up the settings by accident. One that will ensure that you are unable to use Gmail properly is the Sync Gmail option. Go ahead and check the settings.

Open the Gmail app.
Tap the 3-line menu button in the top left corner.
Go into Settings.
Tap on your account.
Scroll down and find the Data Usage section.
Make sure the checkmark next to Sync Gmail is turned on.


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