How to Windows Password Recovery

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We've all done it before. You sit down to log into your Windows machine, type in what you think the password is, and bang, you realize you forgot what it was! You scramble to try different combinations of letters and numbers to see what will work, but nothing works. What are you do

How to Windows Password Recovery

If your PC or laptop doesn't have a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint sensor or camera, you're probably still using a password or PIN to sign in.

Microsoft forced many users to switch to a Microsoft login instead of a local one, so it's easier to lose track of your last How to Windows Password Recovery since you'll probably change it more often. Note, however, that the company now allows you to ditch your password entirely and use its authenticator app (as well as other methods) so you don't have to remember anything. Of course, that doesn't help you right now, but it's something you should consider setting up when you do get back into your account.

Either way, all is not lost. There are a few things you can try before you consider completely reinstalling Windows.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you gain access to a personal PC that has been locked. Of course, we cannot condone the use of these tips to gain access to someone else's device.

First, though, just check that you haven't accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key. You may be typing the correct password, but uppercase and lowercase letters will be swapped. Since passwords are case sensitive, they will not be recognized. Similarly, on a laptop, make sure you don't have Num Lock enabled, which could mean you're typing numbers instead of letters.

Reset your Windows 10 password
microsoft account
If you use a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10, you're in luck. A forgotten password is easily resolved by going to the Recover Your Account page and following the instructions to reset your password.

Once done, you can use the new password you just entered to log in to Windows.

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