how to recover hotmail account

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Lost password to access Hotmail account? This page will guide you to recover Hotmail account password and recover forgotten Hotmail account password in an easy way.

how to recover hotmail account

Tried to log in to your email account and can't sign in? You no longer have access to it. Regaining access to your account won't be easy, but you can with these helpful tips.
If Hotmail is your primary email platform, losing access to your account can cripple your daily business. The inability to not send or receive email can mean missing out on important information.

The most common reason for losing access to your Hotmail account is hacking. Regaining access to your account will be much more difficult and you also need to contact Hotmail to let them know about the account breach. recover hotmail account accounts are prime targets for hackers unlike other emails.

Evidence that your account has been hacked will be suspicious email activity that you did not initiate. The emails will often request information or money from your contacts.

When you lose access to your Hotmail account, the next step is to get it back. Recovering your account could mean several scenarios.

If you still have access to your Hotmail account, your first step should be to change your password and block the fraudulent part of your Hotmail account.

To change the password of your Hotmail account, follow this process:

1. Start your web browser and go to the Hotmail login page

2. Enter your login details and proceed to log in to your account

3. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your account next to your account name to access account settings.

4. Click on 'More mail settings' on the settings page and you will be redirected to an options page

5. Locate the 'Manage Your Account' heading and select the first option under 'Account Details'

6. On the next page, under 'Account Security', click 'Change Password'

7. You will be directed to the change password form. Enter the old password and then the new password twice. Choose a strong and unpredictable password. If you want even tighter security measures, you can select the option to have Microsoft require you to change your password every 72 days by clicking the checkbox just above the "Save" button.

8. Click 'Save' to finish changing your password

9. Login to verify the password change.

In most cases, if your Hotmail account has been locked, you will not have access to your account at all. Either the hacker will have changed your password, or Microsoft will temporarily lock an account that they suspect is the subject of fraudulent activity. You may also have forgotten your password and want to change it.