Why UPSC Candidates Take Up Sociology As An Optional Subject?

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One of the pertinent reasons why candidates prefer choosing sociology is the abundant availability of sociology online classes that prepare candidates for UPSC Mains.

Why UPSC Candidates Take Up Sociology As An Optional Subject?

The UPSC exam is divided into three parts – the Prelims, the Mains, and the Interview round. A candidate can only reach the UPSC Mains after he has cleared the Prelims. In the UPSC Mains, all candidates are asked to choose an optional subject. The Indian civil service offers 48 subjects from which one can opt for one optional subject. The optional paper consists of 500 marks. 

Choosing the optional subject is a real struggle for the UPSC candidates. Most of them are confused as they do not know which subject to choose. Also, they are unsure if they will manage with the chosen subject. In such a case, a safer optional subject would-be sociology. However, it has been noticed that UPSC aspirants having sociology as their optional subject have come out with flying colors over the years. 

Of course, you are free to choose any other subject. However, there are solid reasons why candidates choose sociology as an optional subject over others. One of the pertinent reasons why candidates prefer choosing sociology is the abundant availability of sociology online classes that prepare candidates for UPSC Mains. 

Want to know the other reasons for selecting sociology as the optional subject? here they are: 

  1. No background knowledge required 

Even if you have not studied sociology in your school days or college days, you will not have difficulty studying it for UPSC. The books that are prescribed to be read for sociology UPSC are not difficult at all. Instead, they discuss the sociological theories and principles in detail. To better understand the subject, mentors of the UPSC optional online classes suggest referring to IGNOU and NCERT books. 

  1. Concise syllabus 

Among all the 48 subjects the Indian civil service mentioned for the UPSC optional paper, most candidates prefer choosing sociology due to its concise syllabus. We all know the vastness of the entire UPSC syllabus. The comprehensive syllabus does not allow IAS aspirants to waste time. Compared to the other subjects in the optional paper, sociology has a more concise syllabus. If candidates study thoroughly, they can easily finish the syllabus within 4 months and revise the chapters in the last two months. 

  1. Scoring subject 

Another significant reason for which UPSC candidates choose sociology over other subjects is its scoring nature. If the IAS candidates can study sociology thoroughly for six months, they can easily fetch an average of 270 marks. However, if you follow the previous years' results, you will notice that candidates with sociology as their optional have successfully secured more than 250 marks. 

  1. Overlapping portions 

Some portions of the sociology syllabus overlap with the general studies syllabus. However, since the IAS candidates have already studied those portions once in the general studies while preparing for the IAS Prelims, they prefer reducing their work. 

  1. Helps in the personality test round 

One of the crucial rounds in the IAS exam is the interview round or the personality test. Studying sociology in the optional subject helps candidates answer better in the UPSC interview round. The panelists in the interview ask questions concerning the subjects that the candidate has chosen and the situations surrounding them. Again, studying sociology helps the candidates give prompt answers. 

  1. Abundant availability of resources 

Finally, keeping in mind the availability of study materials and resources, the IAS candidates prefer choosing sociology. Therefore, various IAS coaching centers offer optional sociology online and offline classes besides the materials available online. 


Now that you are aware of the reasons for choosing sociology as the optional subject, you can easily go ahead with it. Besides, if you need professional guidance, you can contact any reliable IAS coaching center.

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