Vault News | The Best Teas To Help Boost Your Metabolism, Burn Fat, And Lose Weight

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Various people are attempting to get rid of the fat that has been stored in their bodies. Fat causes a variety of medical problems, and when these difficulties are in the forefront of people’s minds, they are more likely to make an honest attempt to avoid getting sick. No one wants to ga

Vault News | The Best Teas To Help Boost Your Metabolism, Burn Fat, And Lose Weight

Whether you prefer tea or coffee, you can't dispute that a steaming cup of Earl Grey has a calming effect. However, this drink isn't just about unwinding. Indulging in a mug can also provide some potential health benefits (think cancer and heart disease prevention) and may even aid in weight loss. Even the best weight-loss teas won't make you lose weight or burn belly fat overnight (sorry to disappoint! ), but they can be a terrific adjunct to a good diet and exercise plan.

"No tea is going to be a magic bullet," says Liz Sasso-Karelitsky, RDN, of Love Food RD, "but taking a cup shortly after eating is one way to get the most out of your tea." "Making a cup of tea and sitting down to sip it would assist to communicate to your mind and body that the meal is done," she says, adding that the ritual of preparing it also allows you to take a moment to listen into your fullness cues.

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According to Sarah Rueven, RDN, CDN, the founder of Rooted Wellness, tea is also a fantastic method to stay hydrated. Even if you're only thirsty, you may crave sweets and other sugary foods if you're dehydrated. Drinking adequate water can also improve cell communication, encouraging your body to put in the extra effort needed to slightly boost your metabolism. Plus, herbal drinks that are supposed to help you sleep can help you lose weight, because getting enough sleep is a big part of the process, she says.


If you prefer iced tea over hot tea, keep in mind that the advantages are the same regardless of the temperature. If you prefer to order your cold beverage from a restaurant, Sasso-Karelitsky advises being cautious about what you put in your cup. Starbucks, she explains, is known for using a lot of sweets and liquids in their iced teas. As a result, always request unsweetened.


One caveat: herbal drinks containing licorice root should be avoided by pregnant women because it can be dangerous in high doses. Stick to other alternatives like peppermint, chamomile, and ginger instead, according to Rueven. Caffeinated teas should also be used in moderation, according to Sasso-Karelitsky.


Do you want to test some teas? Here are the top ten weight-loss teas, as well as the research behind them.

1. Green Tea

After 12 weeks, one Clinical Nutrition study indicated that green tea extract can help women lose weight and even slim down their waistlines. This could be due to the fact that green tea extract lowers ghrelin levels in the body, a gastrointestinal hormone. (As an added benefit, the individuals' cholesterol levels were reduced by drinking green tea!)

According to Rueven, tea is a supplement that is not regulated by the FDA. As a result, you never know how much green tea or green tea extract you're getting in a single product. She warns that the amounts of these components may vary.

According to Rueven, "the more organic, natural, and less processed variants are most likely going to have a higher proportion of green tea extract."

2. Black Tea

According to Sasso, black tea may aid weight loss, however this is primarily owing to its caffeine level. "Caffeine can help us have a little bit more energy," she explains. More energy translates to more activity, which can help you burn a few more calories.


3. White Tea

While white tea hasn't received nearly as much research as its black and green siblings, there is some evidence that it may aid in weight loss. According to a 2019 study, white tea extract can reduce fat storage in mice via increasing metabolism. However, more research is needed to completely validate this assertion and show that it is applicable to humans.

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