How can I Cancel a Flight Ticket for Domestic Flights in India?

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Tips to cancel flight tickets, how you can cancel the flight ticket for domestic flights in India?

How can I Cancel a Flight Ticket for Domestic Flights in India?

Are you a travel freak and going to take off a flight but due to sudden changes in your trip you need to cancel the air ticket? Do you wish to know how you can cancel the flight ticket for domestic flights in India? There is something for you.

There are some times when you will have to cancel your flight ticket, because of sudden changes in plans. If you are looking for how you can cancel the domestic flight ticket in India. This article is just for you. You will understand the procedure of flight cancellation and proper guidelines to get a refund as well (Only when your flight ticket is refundable).

First of all, you will have to find from where you had booked the air ticket like airport, via airlin’s website or via a third party website. Which airline’s flight ticket you have and when the departure date is. The refund depends on when the flight ticket is going to be cancelled.

Procedure to cancel the flight ticket:

It happens sometimes when you make a plan to travel and book the air ticket as well, but due to some work or urgency. You cancelled your flight. 

As you have cancelled your plan to travel it is a good time to cancel the flight, in order to get a refund. So, just have a look at domestic flight cancellation steps.

Find out from where you had booked the air ticket.

If you have booked the air ticket directly from the airline. In this situation you will have to visit the airport directly.

  • Go to the flight booking counter 
  • Ask the airport staff for booking cancellation.
  • Share your booking Id and flight ticket.
  • Share the complete details which are required for flight cancellation.
  • Collect the refund amount or ask when you will get the refund in your bank account.

If the flight was booked via a direct airline’s website, follow below points.

  • Visit at the airline’s website and go to my booking.
  • Click on the booking, you may get a cancel or reschedule flight option.
  • Click on cancel my booking option. 
  • Now enter the booking Id and email address.
  • You will have to confirm the flight ticket cancellation.
  • Click on ok.

If you have booked the air ticket from an online third party website like MakeMytrip, Goibibo or Travolook. Follow the tips below.

Step 1: Sign in at the website from where you had booked the ticket. 

Step 2: Now click on cancel or reschedule my flight.

Step 3: Enter the booking Id and email address. 

Step 4: Click on submit button. 

Step 5: Now you will get a flight ticket cancellation email or message.

If you are facing an error or trouble while flight booking, then it is time to call the customer support team. You can ask the customer care team for ticket cancellation assistance.

How to get a refund?

After successful flight ticket cancellation you will be eligible for refund. Within 28 days of flight ticket cancelation you will receive your amount in your bank account.

If you haven’t received the refund of the cancelled ticket, you can log a complaint to the customer care team. 

If the air ticket has been cancelled directly by the airline then the customer will have to inform the third party aggregators for refund initiation.

Things which you should know for cancellation and refund:

When you are going to book a flight ticket when you are not sure how to travel. Or you know you can cancel your ticket. Always book an air ticket which is refundable. For Non-refundable tickets you will not get a refund.

Cancel your ticket at least 96 hour prior to departure. You will have to pay 3000 INR to 6500 INR cancellation charges. The cancellation charges may vary as per airline protocol.

96 hour to 24 hour prior to departure you will have to pay 3500 INR to 6500 INR cancellation charges.
That’s why it is advised to cancel the ticket 96 hour prior to departure so that you can get the maximum refund amount. 

Hope you like this article and find it helpful for you. So, leave the hesitation and go ahead for flight ticket cancelation and get your refund.

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