Why Prefer Dedicated Server Hosting for Growing Business?

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Why Prefer Dedicated Server Hosting for Growing Business?

A dedicated server is a kind of remote/private server that is dedicated/assigned to an individual, company, or application. With a mostly used shared hosting plan, a consumer shares a server with numerous customers. Whereas, in a dedicated server a consumer borrows a whole server along with all of its resources. Dedicated server hosting is considered to be the best for a thriving business as it has many upgraded features than shared hosting. MainVPS, a leading & successful web hosting provider in India & worldwide have unmetered dedicated server hosting plans to bestow customers with elevated performance & flexibility. Let's start to know why one should prefer a Dedicated Server.


Why Prefer Dedicated Server?

  • Procures with High -performing stuff: With the SSD storage, high-memory variants, and the latest processors, one can smoothly deal with any type of workload, from a crucial business application to a high-traffic site. The rock-solid infrastructure of top-tier data centers by MainVPS, supported by redundant links and DDoS protection to assure great performance and no compromises.
  • Additionally Scalable: With full root access, you obtain the flexibility to customize the application bundle as per your desires. The flexible Dedicated server configuration options from numerous Operating systems, Hosting panels, Billing panels make it simple for you to decide on what's best for you.
  • Refined Management: Usage of a trusted open-source software platform for computerized & instant management of the Hosting servers, and immediate provisioning.


Specification Outlines of Dedicated Server- MainVPS

  • Instant Setup: The server will be turned on and deployed to your registered email address with all login features after the fee verification within 12-48 hours.
  • Free Dedicated IP: Every Dedicated server gets free of cost Dedicated IPv4 Address, if you require more IPv4 Addresses, you can just select from Addons or unlock a support ticket in the Client Area.
  • Decide on from various OS: You can decide on desired OS to install as per your needs from the Client area while configuring your server. Obtain CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, or Windows with full Root/Administrator access.
  • RDNS setup: MainVPS dedicated hosting provider, provides you RDNS on every IPv4 Address you can barely raise a ticket from the Client Area, our assistance team will do it for you.
  • Full Access: Every Dedicated Server bestows you full Administrative/Root access and you have all rights to access/delete/modify all stuff on your server.
  • Robust Configurations: Robust SSD/HDD storage, DDR3/DDR4 Memory and great Xeon processors are provided so that servers can effortlessly deal with any type of workload from a vital business request to a high-traffic site.

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