how do i contact on Lufthansa?

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If you want to have any query related to how do i get through Lufthansa, so you get in touch with Lufthansa customer service 1 (800) 645-3880 experts.

how do i contact on Lufthansa?

Want to get through Lufthansa customer service? Check out the steps to do it

Flying with Lufthansa? If you face any issues and you are wondering “how do I get through Lufthansa” then don’t worry we are going to guide you through the steps in this post.

Lufthansa has a responsive and reliable customer care service. Lufthansa is a top-notch airline and is the flag carrier of Germany. 

If you are planning to be in touch with them then here are some of the ways to do it:

  • Call their customer care service at 1(800) 645-3880

Calling them would be a good idea. You can call them when you find that you need some immediate assistance. You can call them and in the IVR that comes in you can press the right option to get in touch with a representative shortly after you do so.

  • Chat option

You can have a chat with them and in a similar fashion, to the above, you can wait till a representative joins you. All you have to do is go to their website and start a chat session after filling in the required details in the chatbox.

  • Email

You can email them and you should know that this process will take some time. It can take a minimum of a day or two to process your request.

If you want quick action then you can directly call them otherwise you can explore any option that you want.