How do I become an AWS architect associate?

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The best way to become an AWS architect associate is to get an AWS solutions architect associate certification online from a recognized portal.

How do I become an AWS architect associate?

Looking forward to becoming an AWS solutions architect associate? Then go for a certified training program for the same. But before opting for a training program for yourself you need to evaluate a number of things. In this post, we are going to deal with just that. So stay focused as we dive deep into it layer by layer.

First, we will explore what is AWS and what are the possibilities after the completion of the course. And then we will explore how to be an associate under AWS. 

What are AWS and the cloud? 

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a world-recognized cloud platform. It is a branch of Amazon and they provide cloud solutions on platforms such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, etc. They provide these services to the demand of consumers. 

The benefits of Cloud services are majorly scalability and cost-effectiveness. You as a consumer will have the latest technology with you and the latest software and there is no need to upgrade it manually. However, there is a fee to be paid for maintaining everything in the form of subscription fees which may be annual or monthly depending upon your choice. 

They maintain everything AWS needs associates and for that, they have three certifications and they are:

  • AWS certified solutions architect
  • AWS Certified Sysops Administrator
  • And, AWS certified developer

All the above certifications have two levels - Associate and Professional. To become a Professional you need to be an Associate first. You have to clear their exam for these and there are a number of options to prepare for them. Before we jump into the options to prepare for the certifications let us first explore what are the opportunities after you become AWS certified solutions architect associate in the coming section.

What are the opportunities for an AWS Associate Solutions Architect

The major jobs of an associate as an architect are in the following:

  • Design architectures and applications
  • The architecture should be high performance and reliable
  • The design of the architecture should be highly secure
  • The cost of the applications and the architecture should be low.

The architecture associates are trained for the above and AWS solutions architect associate training essentially makes them a jack of all trades within AWS. That being said it is no easy job to be an associate architect in AWS. 

The associate architect needs to strike a balance between the business requirements and technology. They must have a practical understanding of the technologies that are available and the business requirements. They also have to come up with better architecture and applications for use in future business needs and understand the trends and behavior of various businesses.

How to become an AWS Associate Architect

The best way to clear the AWS exam is to go for an AWS solutions architect associate training program. We at Careerera provide you an opportunity to train yourself for the prestigious and highly demanding AWS certified solutions architect. We are in the top 10 institutes that can do it for you. 

Our motto is Learn, Grow, and Excel and we are always here to get you there. We have world-class solutions for students and working professionals alike and you can find out at our website that we mean every word that we say.

You can go for the AWS solutions architect associate certification online course and be the architect associate for AWS. We have trained faculty to answer all your queries besides training you for the exam in an easy-to-understand and professional manner and to see that you meet all the challenges head-on.

If you are wondering how to pass AWS certified solutions architect associate exam, Just click on the below text and go through it.

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