How do I speak to someone at Iberia?

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If you need to contact with someone from Iberia then you can call their Iberia customer service number 1-800-772-4642, 1-802-500-7022 and An automated voice answering machine, will greet you and give you a list of choices.

How do I speak to someone at Iberia?

Efficient customer service is one of the essential parts of any business organization that directly provides services to consumers. The airline business is one of the most challenging businesses, and an Airline having good customer service can be that little something extra to gain a hand over other rivals.

If you are soon to travel with Iberia Airlines and are searching “How do I speak to someone at Iberia?” then the forth-illustrated steps can be of certain help.

How do I get the Iberia Customer service contact details?

  • The details for Iberia Customer Service can be found on the official Iberia website. 

  • Launch any of your internet browsers and reach the Iberia Airlines homepage.

  • Once you get to the homepage, click on the “Helpdesk” option at the top of the website, and the browser will open a new page.

  • This new page will contain detailed information on all kinds of Iberia customer service.

  • Now, hit on the “Contact Us” link under the Iberia Service center menu or the “Contact Us” link under the Customer service tab.

  • Both options will open another page with the list of Iberia Customer Service contact numbers.

Select the appropriate Iberia customer service number according to your language or geographical location.

How to call the Iberia Customer support?

  • If you want to contact with someone from Iberia then you can call Iberia customer service number 1-800-772-4642, 1-802-500-7022.

  • An automated voice answering machine, also known as the IVR, will greet you and give you a list of choices.

  • Follow the commands closely and make suitable selections according to the nature of your query in order to be connected to the proper customer support queue.

  • You can also skip the choice to talk to the general customer service team’s agent directly.

  • Once you have made the selection, the call will be rerouted to the queue of one of the customer support agents.

  • The customer support executive will answer your query in your turn.

What are the other forms of Customer support offered by Iberia?

The consumers can also connect to Iberia customer support through the options of Support Chat to Talk to Someone at Iberia representative, or through the social media outlets of Iberia on Facebook and Twitter.

  • The support chat icon is present at the bottom-right corner of the “Customer Care” webpage of Iberia, as cited above.

  • Clicking on the icon will open the Chatbox on the screen, which can be used to converse with a support agent. Type in your concerns or queries, and the chat support agents will assist you.

  • The Social media links of Iberia are present under the “Follow Us” tab on the same “Contact Us” page. Click on any of the given links and sign in with the relevant Facebook or Twitter account details.

  • Once you have signed in, the social media account of Iberia will be displayed on the screen.

  • You can either directly message them or tag Iberia in one of the posts to get a prompt reply from the support agent.


The contact number of the general customer support team is 1-800-772-4642. You can call on this number to reach out to one of the support representatives for immediate support on your Iberia booking concerns.

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