How do I recover Google account?

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To get steps and all various procedure of Google account recovery.

How do I recover Google account?

How do you recover your Google account?

Do you need to recover your Google account and are looking for instructions? When Google users forget their login credentials and are unable to access their accounts, they may need to go through the recovery procedure. Google allows users to recover their accounts by providing information such as their registered number, email address, etc. To discover how you can process Google account recovery, please see the steps presented below.

· At first, navigate to the Google website and enter your email address

· Then hit the next button and type in any last password you recall

· If you don't remember your previous password, click Try Another Way

· Following that, you will be given an option to receive a code on your registered number

· Then you may select the SMS, or call option to get that code in your mobile

· Instead, you may choose I don't have my phone, for moving to the next recovery option.

· Then you'll be offered the choice of receiving a code in your alternative email

· To obtain the code, press the send button and log in to your recovery email

· After that, you must enter the code in the designated tab to get moved to the password reset screen

· Finally, create a new password for your Google account to finish the recovery process

You can contact the Google customer service center for more assistance from a technical expert.

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