You can find more information on the Abyssal Dungeon raid in Lost Ark: Hall of the Twisted Warlord

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Even though they aren't entirely unique to Ark: Survival Evolved, they are redesigned versions of the Dungeons that players will encounter during the Main Story mission.

You can find more information on the Abyssal Dungeon raid in Lost Ark: Hall of the Twisted Warlord

Even though they aren't entirely unique to Ark: Survival Evolved, they are redesigned versions of the Dungeons that players will encounter during the Main Story mission. Rather than the original setting of Ark: Survival Evolved, Rohendel serves as the setting for this new installment.

Players must first deal with the Phantom Legion's Rook and Bishop, as well as the Phantom Legion King, before they can even consider taking on Brelshaza, the final big bad of the Phantom Palace (and the final big bad of some future endgame content that has not yet been made available to players in the West).

In total, there are four sections in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord, two of which are mob-clearing sections, and the other two of which are boss fights against the Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop and the Phantom Legion King, respectively, and which make up the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. It is possible to find both the Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop and the Phantom Legion King in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord, both of whom are extremely dangerous Ultimate endgame guide for the Glaivier.

The Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeon is one of the most well-remembered pieces of endgame content in Ark: Survival of the Fittest, and it was introduced with a great deal of fanfare when the game first came out. No exception can be made to this general pattern of progression when it comes to the beginning of the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. Beginning with the party being forced to run forward through a hall of constantly changing scenery, with buildings appearing out of nowhere and landscapes shifting in the blink of an eye, this section is filled with action and suspense. Part I of this section is divided into two sections. Section II is divided into two sections. Both sections of Section II are numbered 1 and 2.

The player who does not have a purple circle must move to a location where the Rook's projectile (which moves in a straight line) will strike the Bishop first, before it strikes any other member of his or her group. It is necessary for them to place the Bishop between themselves and the Rook in order to win the game. As long as the Rook's actions are correct, the Orb will be shot and strike the Bishop, interfering with the Bishop's preparations for their party wiping attack while also causing everyone to become dazed and disoriented at the same time, causing everyone to become dazed and disoriented. Unless the projectile misses the Bishop, the party will be eliminated on the same day that the projectile was launched. They will launch an arena-wide attack that will completely wipe out the party if the procedure is not followed correctly.

This mechanic is repeated at some point during the battle, near the conclusion, with the only difference being that this time the Rook conjures stone towers in the shape of chess pieces around the Bishop, who has been strategically placed in the center of the battlefield. They should demolish these towers as soon as possible, and the fourth member of the party should take his or her place as soon as possible after they are demolished. The party could, alternatively, focus their efforts solely on destroying the stone towers that would otherwise prevent the Orb from striking the Bishop, thereby completing the mission successfully. A second time the job is completed correctly, the mechanic is no longer required to complete the job on the first occasion.

If you intend to run your Abyssals on a weekly basis in order to earn that extra chunk of Gold or those potentially valuable Card Packs (which is one of many examples of time-gated content in Lost Ark), the most important system to memorize in this encounter is the one that players will be required to commit to memory in order to succeed in this encounter. In general, this mechanic performs in the manner that one would expect:Whenever the Phantom King's health bar reaches 16 percent of its maximum health and 6 percent of its maximum health, respectively, it will teleport to the center of the stage and trigger this mechanic. It will summon four Illusion Swords to assist it in its endeavors as soon as it begins to channel energy. A purple barrier will appear around it as soon as buy lost ark gold begins to channel energy. Every one of these Illusion Swords will pursue the player after they have been picked up and will continue to do so until they are defeated by him.

- As soon as a player deals damage to the Phantom Legion King, the debuff that has been placed on the party is removed, and the player is free to attack the boss at any time following that.

- If any member of the party uses an Illusion Sword or engages in combat with the Boss while the debuff is activated, the entire party is eliminated from the game's world and the game is over.
- In addition to the foregoing, players should expect to be directed to stand in the cardinal direction that corresponds to their order number (NESW = 1234), as shown in the image below.
- The rest of the party should kite their Swords as they move around the room in a clockwise direction, as described above, to avoid getting too close to one another.
- As soon as player 1 hits the Boss, the debuff is removed, and player 2 is able to grab their sword (which takes an average of about 2 seconds on average).

The Phantom King conjures a pair of massive cones of constantly exploding cracks in the ground, which deal heavy, constant damage to anyone who happens to be standing directly in the center of these concentric rings of explosions, only a short time after stabbing his sword into the ground. At the start of the game, they will spawn either north/south or east/west of the Phantom King, and after a short period of time, they will switch to the opposite side of the map to continue their journey. The Phantom King should be stunned during this time period, as indicated by the yellow Stagger Check Bar that appears beneath his feet. Both the Phantom King and the Phantom Queen should be completely taken aback during this time period. They will need to use Stagger Skills to drain it as soon as they are able to put an end to this move and expose the Phantom Legion King to a sustained chain of damage as soon as possible once they have completed it.


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