How to Organize Your School Binder

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Did you know that organization skills and good notetaking in class can boost your GPA? A good school binder can help you take and organize your notes effectively and efficiently.

How to Organize Your School Binder

Did you know that organization skills and good notetaking in class can boost your GPA? A good school binder can help you take and organize your notes effectively and efficiently.

Use this guide to help you find future success in academia with your top-tier binder organization.

Use Binder Tabs

Binder tabs, like those found at, can help to break up large units into smaller, more manageable ones. Information can be grouped into tabs and subgrouped into subtabs for easy searching.

Tabs can be a great way to get quick one-word or few-word labels to the forefront. Rather than skim your entire binder for a piece of information, look for keywords on the tabs that may indicate which section your information lies in.

Color Code Your Classes

Did you know that colors can impact your emotions? Color coding can help you stay organized, and also stay relaxed and stress-free as you study.

Opt to use different color pens, tabs, and sticky notes for each class. Use color psychology to your advantage to choose colors that make you feel focused and relaxed.

Create a Table of Contents

A table of contents can help you locate information fast. Whenever you add something new to your binder, note where it is located on your table of contents so that it is easy to find later.

You can even have tables of contents for each individual class subject within your binder.

Put a Calendar on the Cover

Utilize the slipcover of the binder to make the front of your binder into a functional calendar. This can help keep dates and deadlines in check as you will always have your calendar ready to check or annotate.

You can even use dry erase markers on the external cover of the binder and keep your reusable calendar sheet.

Create DIY Pouches for Handouts

Notecards, handouts, and more can be some of the most effective ways to study. Often though, these all end up shoved in one of the two built-in folder sleeves on the binder, unorganized.

Build DIY pouches into each subject and subgroup of your notes. This way you can include handouts with the rest of the relevant chapter material. Pull out your vocabulary flashcards to study and then fold them right back into the section of the notes where they belong.

Express Yourself

Believe it or not, expressing yourself creatively with painted or collaged tabs and covers can help you engage better with your education.

Create thematic covers for your college binder to help you to engage with the subject matter on a more personal level.

Personalize and Organize Your School Binder

If you want to succeed academically, your organization is key. It all begins with your binders and study materials. But how do you keep your notes from getting disorganized?

Use these top organization tips to help you keep the ideal school binder for your education needs. Check out more tips like this tailored just for you in the lifestyle section of our blog.

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