How Can I Begin my Career in Cloud Computing Certification Course?

Posted 3 years ago in EDUCATION.

Let’s note some key facts here to understand why cloud computing is expanding like crazy, why cloud computing professionals are the most in-demand workers in the marketplace, and why you should prepare to enter the domain of the cloud!

How Can I Begin my Career in Cloud Computing Certification Course?

Today, every IT professional dreams to gain relevant skills and knowledge in cloud computing and become a cloud expert online. To get yourself and your career started, you need to acknowledge how and why cloud computing has transformed itself into a big game and a whopping job sphere in 2021!

Why has the cloud become everyone’s first choice when it comes to grabbing a fixed, high income, and reputed job? Some say it is because businesses benefit from the cloud in huge ways, while others say, it helps innovation reach new heights with technology. 

Let’s note some key facts here to understand why cloud computing is expanding like crazy, why cloud computing professionals are the most in-demand workers in the marketplace, and why you should prepare to enter the domain of the cloud! 


Some makeable facts about Cloud Computing:

  • The global growth of cloud computing is expected to reach $120 billion.
  • Globally, 50% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. 
  • It is approximated that the spending on the public cloud will touch $500 billion by 2023.
  • Almost 94% of businesses have upgraded to cloud technology and adopted better online security. 
  • The revenue growth of the most sought-after cloud platforms is seen at - Microsoft Azure - 47%, Google Cloud - 43%, and Amazon Web Services - 29%, respectively. 
  • 81% of companies have something - one or the other segment or application - in the cloud. 
  • The biggest share in the cloud computing world is taken up by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is at 32%.
  • North America has the biggest cloud computing market share in the world. 
  • According to recent reports, the job roles of Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Enterprise Architect, Cloud Architect, and Cloud Software Engineer, have seen a massive jump in recent years. 


Beginning with Cloud Computing

In 2021, many of us are very eager to jump-start our careers in cloud computing. We come across questions like “How to make a career in cloud computing?” and

“How to start a career in the cloud?” Indeed, it is tough for us learners to choose amongst an ocean of online and offline cloud computing resources these days. This is the primary reason why some of us end up at the wrong educational door or either nowhere!

We will make it easy for you here. To give your cloud computing career a more quick start we list some useable resources that beginners must not miss or neglect at any cost in 2021 - 

  • Understand cloud computing environment

As a novice, aspirants need to understand what is expected of them. Hence, they need to upgrade and up skill themselves as beginners or working professionals and make themselves more worthy of valuable and in-demand cloud computing positions which are being, generally, targeted by them!

The aspirants need to be aware of various technologies, platforms, exams, certifications, and other related educational qualifications in the field of the cloud. This is necessary to arrange and prepare a roadmap for future endeavors. 

Awareness and a valid comprehension of the educational and business cloud environment is an essential step towards commencing a bright and successful career in cloud computing. 

  • Get clear with various cloud platforms 

As starters in the vast and ever-expanding and growing domain of cloud computing, the students are required to know about many cloud platforms and technologies. This is significant for furthering the learning processes.

The learners must know why are they choosing a particular cloud platform to get certified in cloud computing and how that particular cloud platform adds to their professional role, a firm’s business efficiency, and effectiveness with advanced profits. 

Today, cloud services have been very much advantageous for both big and small enterprises. They help reduce IT costs, add more flexibility to remote working practices, enhance scalability, and beefs up information security and protection with data storage. 

Since 2010, the cloud has been witnessed as the best data handling and management process and application across nations! The top major cloud platforms that provide services are - 

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure

Thus, students must choose wisely and grab their lot of cloud computing courses or certifications online!

  • Start with a cloud computing certification

This is the next important step in your learning process. The students must choose and select the certification course wisely. The preferred cloud computing course online must begin with cloud fundamentals and then move onto more advanced theories and learning. 

As future workers and professionals, the students must understand the cloud and technical computing more thoroughly. These include - Cloud Formation & Architecture, Deployment Models, Cloud Service Models, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, and more.

Next, the learners must acquaint themselves with the chief categories of cloud computing services. These are - 

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS) 
  • Functions as a service (FaaS)

Thus, the aspirants must choose a better cloud computing certification that has it all!

If you are looking for a certification course that has everything you aspire for, you can anytime opt-in for Careerera’s Masters in Cloud Computing and Cloud Computing Fundamental professional program. It allows learners to upgrade to an all-new level of skillfulness, expertise, and aptitude. 

  • Build on skills/competencies in cloud technology

The students need to build on these required skills - 

  1. A better knowledge of computer networks
  2. Proficiency with many programming languages like - SQL, R, Python, XML, and more new ones in the market
  3. Knowledge of web services, APIs, and other cloud-based technologies
  4. Understanding of cloud architectural models
  5. Database Management
  6. Operating Systems
  7. Work with Machine learning tools and techniques
  8. Soft skills - Communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving aptitudes
  • Gain practical edge 

Students and professionals must note that we always learn better by practicing and implementing it in a real-life situation and environment.

Here, we recommend that students must get hands-on experience on cloud technologies like - Cloud Monitoring, Application Migration, Server Management, and other practices. 

This practical assistance can help them evolve in a better way. It also makes professionals more confident with different cloud structures of organizations, boosts their brilliancy and intellectuality, and constructs a hard-working path that has all victories in the end. 

  • Work on your portfolio/CV

When you have more skills and flairs with you, you are ready to mention them in your CV/portfolio. All of the talents and upgraded expertise must be equally mentioned in the professional job resume.

  • Become opportunistic

To upgrade to a more advanced level of cloud computing the students should keep on adding new skills and achievements to their CV/Resume. 

They can add major new skills like - Load Balancing & Cloud Scalability, Edge Computing, Cloud Cryptography, etc to the list of their achievements and successes. 

This is how they can become an opportunity-grabber and exploit the immediate chances that the IT marketplace and industry provides them.

  • Land futuristic job opportunities

Now, after all these steps, finally, it is your time to present your professional and skilled self to the market and IT industry world outside.

You can start by short listing companies and organizations that can fit you in as a better worker or cloud computing professional, pay you for every talent and genius technique that you have, and thus, add on more productively to your independent value as an employee, human resource and asset to the firm. 

  • Build professional references and work networks

After you start to belong to a professional company or an organization that has recruited you for maximizing its profits, add on to traditional cloud technologies and concepts and evolve various cloud practices, you have to now understand that you are certainly, not stopping here. 

You have many professionals - both better and worse - those surround you and add to your generic professional characteristics.

What you need is to learn from the best, and ignore the rest! This will help you maximize mutual professional relationships, and add to your list of worthy references that might be of some help in the future. 

  • Never stop learning and evolving

This is not the end! When the cloud is developing at such a rapid pace, how can you think of stopping? It is the work of a cloud computing professional to grow, evolve and learn new things every day!