Heal Yourself From Old Wounds

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Here Are 7 Simple Things You Could Do To Heal Yourself From Old Wounds

Heal Yourself From Old Wounds

Both physical and emotional traumas from earlier parts of our lives can haunt subsequent chapters. Whether we had experienced divorce, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, bitter breakups and betrayals, childhood neglect — any of these ordeals can have lasting impacts on our present and future functioning.

If you are dealing with old emotional wounds, you must understand why these experiences still bother you and decide to move on from them in order to heal.

Learn to accept the situation

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Are you still fighting with the idea that this happened to you? Are you in denial? Denial is a defense mechanism that impedes your ability to process what happened to you and grow from the experience. You must accept the circumstances and yourself in order to recover from your old wound fast.

Break up your routine

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When you are doing the same things and seeing the same people day in and day out, you may not recognize just how fortunate you are. Volunteer at a group home, women's shelter, or homeless shelter. Talk to people who have experienced the bad and the good in life. Perhaps after hearing these people who have lost much continue to speak with hope and gratitude, you, too, may feel optimism about your own situation.

Seek closure

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Once you have come to accept what happened to you and express your feelings, you need to make the decision to let go. Letting go can sometimes be just as frightening as holding on. You are moving into uncharted territory, and you fear what lies ahead. To symbolically release all your pain and heal these old wounds, perform a letting go ritual.

Overcome shame 

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The fact that you consider yourself wounded implies a level of shame in your self-concept. When we are shameful, we believe ourselves not to be deserving or worthy. You have deemed yourself unworthy of living a full and rewarding life, or you came to believe others who have deemed you unworthy. You must rid yourself of these shameful feelings, and move closer to your true self. Overcoming shame is a twofold process: you must learn to silence your inner critic and practice self-compassion.

Find balance through meditation or yoga 

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Not merely exercises in mental or physical discipline, both meditation and yoga can provide healing for emotional pain. The deep breathing and relaxation methods native to both practices can improve stress management, sleep quality, cardiovascular health, mood, and mind-body awareness.

Create a positive affirmation

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Each day as you wake up and start your routine (and throughout the remainder of your day), recite a positive saying that improves your outlook on life. This saying can be anything, such as "I am a work in progress," or, "The best is yet to come." 

Silence your inner critic

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Say "shhh" to the negative voice in your ear that tells you that you are weak, not good enough, foolish, or a failure. Grab a pen and paper and jot down all of your strengths and positive traits. These traits are proof that your inner critic is wrong.

Even if you were fortunate enough to have a parent or parents who did provide this care, this may not have been enough fully to heal the wound created by the painful experience. As a result, you may find yourself living and relating as if that old experience of pain could happen again. As if that old experience is happening again, even if it actually isn’t.

Old wounds can create uncertainty, fears, and avoidances to current feelings and experiences that are really based in the past. They may even be influencing your attraction to familiar figures from your past or leading to conflict that is really more about unresolved hurt.


Suffering from more of such old wounds, do not be disheartened to comment below your wounds as they can be healed if you open it up.


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