How to Advertise on TikTok: A Guide to Using TikTok Ads

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TikTok is among the most downloaded and popular apps of recent times and is therefore highly effective as a platform for advertising, particularly if you are looking to connect with young Millennial and Gen Z audiences.

How to Advertise on TikTok: A Guide to Using TikTok Ads

TikTok is among the most downloaded and popular apps of recent times and is therefore highly effective as a platform for advertising, particularly if you are looking to connect with young Millennial and Gen Z audiences. If you want youtube subs: Buy YouTube Subscribers UK

Although TikTok advertisements are an emerging medium for advertising and the TikTok self-service platform makes it simple for companies to test them.

This article will show you how to make a TikTok advertisement, what size of a budget it will require to create, and what companies should use the platform. In addition, you'll be provided with guidelines for best practices and beautiful illustrations from TikTok advertisements in motion to get started making effective advertising campaigns in 2022 or beyond.

Who should be advertising via TikTok?

Anyone who wants to reach a younger audience can and should promote their business on TikTok.

However, TikTok isn't just for teenagers now. Here's the TikTok's demographic data:

Twenty-five percent of the customers in the US are between the ages of 10-and 19, and 22.4 percent are aged between 20 and 29. Only 11 percent of users are 50 years old.
Most people are overwhelmingly positive about TikTok, even if they don't use it regularly.
Women account for more than 60% of all regular monthly users across the US.
TikTok is utilized worldwide and is one of the most popular social media network websites.

TikTok was downloaded more than 2 billion times by this year, and it's clear that TikTok's growth is going to slow any time soon.

This is why the number of companies spending money on TikTok advertisements is growing in terms of the number and the variety of items they promote.

If you're looking to design international campaigns that target a largely young crowd, TikTok is an excellent option.

Types of TikTok Ads

There are many different kinds of TikTok Ad formats that advertisers can choose to use. Let's take a closer to examine each.

Top View Ads

Top View ads will show on the very top of the feed for users. The first video they encounter is when they start the application.

This format is extremely visible and ideal for creating attention-grabbing campaigns to promote brand awareness.

According to TikTok, the format is at the top in terms of engagement and is 67% more effective in inefficiency in sales over other ad types.

In-Feed Ads

The ads are played while users browse across the For You feeds. They're full-screen sound-on ads that are integrated into native content. Your target audience is already watching videos and is engaged, so this is only another option. If you make your advertisement entertaining and interesting, you'll receive the same attention as successful organic content.

This is among the most commonly used forms of TikTok advertising formats.

Branded Hashtag Ads

The branded hashtag Ads are very popular. They're designed to stimulate interaction on platforms and offer the possibility of a "TikTok challenge" that revolves around your brand's hashtag.

These ads are great for creating brand recognition and user-generated content that is available on platforms.

Branded Effect Ads

The branded ads work in a similar way to filter ads available on other platforms. Brands create a brand-named AR "effect" that users can apply to their videos.

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Another type of campaign can result in engagement, brand recognition, and user-generated content. This is the primary goal in these promotions (rather than conversions or traffic).

Spark ads

Spark Ads is a relatively new ad format that permits advertisers to use natural content and UGC in their advertisements. They work in the same way as promoted posts available on different platforms. You can also put an advertising budget on your organic content or even use content created by users (with the approval of the creator).

These ads take users to your account page or the off-platform landing pages.

TikTok generate ads
Image source: TikTok

How do I setup TikTok advertisements and campaigns

To start your first TikTok advertisement, You'll have to sign up for a business account.

Create your TikTok advertising account
Before you start your first ad, it's important to require an ad account.

Visit the TikTok for Business landing page, click on Get Started, and enter your location and type of business. Then, click Next.
TikTok Ad account creation

TikTok advertising account creation

You'll be asked for additional details about your company, such as contact details and the company's legal name, and the business's description. You'll need to fill in your details, and you're ready to start!

Design your campaign

The advertising system on TikTok is a bit like Facebook. You create a hierarchy beginning with creating a campaign and then an ad group, and eventually, an advertisement. Find out more about TikTok's advertising structure here.

1. Click on the Campaign tab on the top menu on the Ads Manager dashboard, and then click Create.

TikTok advertising creation
2. Choose your goal. Based on your business goal, select an objective from one of three categories: awareness, consideration, or conversions.

TikTok ads creation
Each category has specific goal-oriented advertising goals:

The Awareness category is comprised of Reach. Make this your primary goal for advertising your message to the most people you can.
The Consideration category comprises three main objectives: Traffic (sending visitors to your website), Application Installs, and on-platform video views.
The Conversion category has only one goal, which is to convert. It lets you tailor your website to specific types of conversions, such as sales or sign-ups for email.
This is all you need to do to start an ad campaign. TikTok will make sure you are moving from the ad group section.

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