How To Create Thumbnails To Get More Views On Your Videos

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In this post I have mentioned some of the most important method that you can basically apply to increase your video on youtube.

How To Create Thumbnails To Get More Views On Your Videos

If your video shows up in YouTube's search or suggested videos, or anywhere else on the platform, and doesn't get clicked. Then you're sending a big negative signal to YouTube that your content isn't as popular as the video around it. And that could be seriously hurting your channel rankings. Video thumbnails are key to grabbing your viewer's attention and getting your content clicked so that you send the right signal to YouTube and the algorithm to show your content again. The post briefs you five thumbnail tips to create a compelling thumbnail so that your videos get more views on YouTube.  

Have you asked anyone on YouTube the first thing they see in the search results on YouTube? The answers always will be one of two things. It will be your video title or your video thumbnails. So, thumbnails are crucial, drawing attention to your video and getting potential viewers to click your content over all the other options displayed there for them.  

So this makes YouTube thumbnails a critical part of your overall channel and video optimization. So, when YouTube shows your video in search or suggested video, or anywhere else on YouTube, it's tracking how many clicks your video gets versus the tape around it. Suppose your video get clicked less than the other options that are presented to the users. However there is an option is to take a help of social media services such as buying youtube video views for your video in order to increase views within a short period of time with the help of social media marketing strategy in case you don't have enough time that case you can use an by this way you can bet that YouTube's algorithm is going to factor in the lower performance of your video when deciding later if to show your video again or not. But, fortunately, it's not hard to stand out from the pack and create more effective thumbnails that get more clicks. One of the best  fewtures is that you can easily update your older videos that aren't performing with new thumbnails and give them a second shot at success.


1. Consistent Branding:

This is very important. You need to use consistent fonts, colour, style, consistent look and feel of your thumbnail, whether it's a photo you're using. Then you want to keep it consistent so that it's familiar to your subscribers. Familiarity is really the key here, and people will be instinctively drawn to a thumbnail that looks familiar or something they've already previously clicked before. 

All of those anchor, fonts and colours act as an anchor making it clear that the video is from primal video. All of this really becomes more and more effective as your brand and audience grow. If you don't have a style or a brand yet, look at what some other YouTuber's are doing for some creative inspiration.

Some great channels to check out would be Nick Nimbin, Roberto Blake, Think Media TV, and Brand G. Johnson. There are heaps of others as well.


2. Communicate Clearly:

You need to communicate what your video is about clearly. Thumbnails are an excellent opportunity to add some context to your video and the topic you'll cover. So, add a quick glance. Your viewers should know what your video is about and whether it's precisely what they're looking for. So, you can easily do this with keywords, or you can use images or a combination of both.  

So, a great example would be for a cooking channel, and you could show the results, the food. If you're not a skilled visual storyteller, use text. It's hard to communicate everything effectively with just one image. So, don't be afraid to use text as well, and it can make your life and your viewer's life much easier.


3. More Control:

If you include yourself, don't try and pull one out from your timeline or your finished video.

So, save yourself a heap of hassle and a heap of time, and get a much better result by at the end of filling or even the start of filming. You need to throw a few poses, maybe a smile, point at something, and pull a silly face. Whatever it is, just make sure that you're doing it intentionally because it's will save you a heap of time, and you'll get a better-looking thumbnail than if you're trying to find one afterwards. 

That is the logical starting point for most people on YouTube with thumbnails is to try and find one afterwards, and it is hard to do.


4. Insert Your Logo:

Your logo plays an essential role in differentiating your brand from your competitors. You should always put some consistency to your video and thumbnails. One of the best ways to insert your logo is to insert it in the bottom left corner of your thumbnail. You shouldn't use it over your entire screen because you have to leave enough space to optimize the rest of your thumbnail.


5. Make Use of a Close-up of a Person's Face:

You should always make a good connection with people both online or offline. So while you choose your video thumbnail, you need to make sure the image you select should make eye contact with your viewers.  If you make a good connection, then people will surely be watching your videos.


Take Away:

You have to consistent branding across all of your thumbnails to convey what your video is about in your thumbnail. If you have decided to use an image of yourself in your thumbnails, then you need to prepare for it or plan for it and capture the image while you're creating content.

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