Reasons To Opt for Sociology as an optional Subject

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Sociology is a high-scoring optional that is also a safe choice. All you need is a thorough study and rigorous practice with the sociology test series.

Reasons To Opt for Sociology as an optional Subject

The study of society is known as sociology. It seeks to comprehend how different social institutions and behaviours are creatively related to one another. In simple words, sociology explains why people behave in the manner they do. It examines the relationship between people's social behaviour and the cultural setting in which they live.

Human life is not divided into several areas. All of these factors interact with one another to varying degrees and in different ways. Sociology’s popularity as a discipline stems primarily from its holistic approach to society and social relationships rather than from isolated studies.

A sociologist's fundamental goal is to understand a cultural process or activity by empathizing with others. A commitment to pluralism and social justice is at the heart of the subject. The field strives for a creative, scientific, and critical approach to various local and worldwide cultural issues.

Top Reasons to choose Sociology:
Sociology is a pretty popular subject at prestigious national and international universities. Moreover, it continues to be one of the most popular courses amongst students, especially those preparing for UPSC exams and potential employers.

Following the advantages that a sociology optional paper can bring for the UPSC applicants:  

Optional paper with a high score and a low risk:
Sociology is a high-scoring optional that is also a safe choice. Safe because even if you are writing something unrelated to the topic, you can get marks. With this optional, something in the range of 180-200 score is always feasible. A high score of 350 or more is also achievable. All you need is a thorough study and rigorous practice with the sociology test series.   

Popular option:
The subject is well-liked among IAS applicants. At least one candidate with optional sociology will be found among the top 10 rankers. It has also consistently performed throughout time. Other popular topics, such as Geography and Public Administration, have had good and bad years. They're growing untrustworthy.

Simple Syllabus:
Sociology is, at its core, a study of society. The subject deals with how people play their roles, the effects of their actions on society as a whole, the many institutions of society, the impact of the decisions from the government on various groups, and so on. It is simple to study and comprehend such difficulties because they occur in our daily life. Therefore, it is possible to study it even if you have no prior understanding of the subject. In addition, the subject is a lot of fun to learn about.

The syllabus is limited:
The syllabus for several of the optional that are in the CSE syllabus is quite long. They are comprehensive. On the other hand, sociology offers a condensed course that may be completed in 3-4 months. Given the time you need to go through general studies papers, this is a significant benefit.

Aids in the Writing of Essays:
Among the key papers, the essay paper is the most dynamic. Cracking this paper necessitates a deeper awareness of the globe and India. Sociology is useful in this situation. Whether it's about issues related to women or artificial intelligence’s impact on society, sociology will provide you with various perspectives.

Aids for Papers in General Studies:
Some sociological components can be found in any paper of general studies. The optional in GS paper I will assist in answering questions about Indian society, women's issues, and topics such as social empowerment, communalism, and socialism.

Similarly, creation and social sectors management, welfare programmes for vulnerable groups, NGOs, SHGs, and other sociological concepts are discussed in GS paper II. Economic and ecological consequences on various sections of society and the growth of extremism can all be addressed in GS paper III. Many more ethical paper concepts can be answered using sociological information.

It can be helpful throughout the interview:
During the interview, you will need to be aware of numerous societal problems and the impact of government on communities. It will help you stay grounded and realistic during the interview. Sociology will assist you in gaining such understanding.

Coaching and Resources:
There are a plethora of resources for learning Sociology. All you have to do now is choose the ones that are required for the IAS Exam. IAS Coaching institutes for the topic abound in the same field. How do you decide which optional coaching subjects to take for the Civil Services Exam? Pick them who can offer you quality education in this subject.

Advantage of Post-Selection:
As a government servant, you will interact with a wide range of people. Each person's situation is unique, and the answers you offer should reflect that. The concepts will be clear in your head after reading sociology that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You'll be more practical in your approach and provide better service as a result.

To sum it up:
Finally, it’s upon you to determine what interests you and how you wish to approach an optional paper. However, as per the general opinion of successful candidates in UPSC exams, it can be said that Sociology is a much alternative to any other optional papers.

Thus, make the most of your IAS/IPS exam preparation with this optional paper. Practice with the sociology optional test series as much as possible to crack the exam. Good Luck!

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