How to Install Ceramic Tiles-Follow These 7 Steps

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Tiles are long-lasting, beautiful and need not require much maintenance. Tiles are the most appreciating flooring materials that keep the floors specially protected from most damps. Besides, the thin sheet of tiles will make it more prominent and prestigious among others.

How to Install Ceramic Tiles-Follow These 7 Steps

 The cleaning process of the tiles is simple and non-hazardous. Most of the times of the modern time are ceramic tiles, and you need to have an eye while installation is going on. Otherwise, they are all times trodden material and may be damaged over time. They also work well in kitchen flooring, backsplash covering, bathroom walls and floors and living room floors.

Tiles are thin sheets of various sizes. Depending on your requirement, you have to choose them before installation. You may have some choices, but before purchasing, you should consult the tiles installation experts so that they can suggest to you some tiles that are suitable for the floors, walls or any other specific places.

While installing, the simple and basic theory the tiles installing experts follow is that the base of the floor is quite stiff and has no uneven hardness over it. If there is any uneven position on the floor, the tiles may crack apart, and your glorious floor will lose its prestige, you have to hire the tiles installers once again to repair. After installing the tiles by maintaining proper rules and norms, they will stay for long without much maintenance. If you install ceramic tiles, they will last forever by bearing the hazards that happened to them.

Here are some steps and guidelines that the tiles installers follow. They are-

  1. Tiling a Floor- what you should follow

The basic theory that you have to follow while installing tiles on a floor of any size is that you should install the whole tiles as many as possible. If you try to do the job without any particular way, the wastage of tiles will be high. On the other hand, the owners of the property have to spend much for purchasing tiles. So, you have to measure the area perfectly and choose the size of the tiles accordingly. It helps a lot. The perfect calculation can help you avoid using partial tiles.

When there is no other way to avoid awkwardly sized tiles, place them where vanities will hide them later. In a word, you have to use the trick so that it stays outside the eyes of everybody.

You should not step on the tiles before 24 hours. It can destroy the texture under the tiles and then will create an uneven surface under the tiles and hamper their longevity.

While cutting the tiles, you should always use a wet-saw.

  1. Make your layout dry and chalk out

Living room floors usually stay dry. It creates an issue when you are going to renovate the floors of the bathroom. The bathroom is the place where the use of water is countless.

Then, find out the point from where two walls remain at the same distance. Then, chalk out the lines on the floor according to the size of the tiles. The lines crossing at the centre of the room will be the starting point of the tiles.

You have to install tiles by using straight liner rope and maintain the space of the tiles by using the tiles spacers. Otherwise, you will not be able to install the tiles with uniformity.

Whether you are engaged in kitchen flooring or any other place, you have to place a tile at the centre of the room and mark it around with chalk.

After marking a chalk line, you have to measure the distance between the centre tiles and the wall. Set tiles roughly and observe the area remaining vacant at foot of the wall. If it is less than 2 inches, you should choose tiles of a different size, larger than the previous one.  

  1. Chalk out the walls for the second times

From the centre of the tiles, you have to measure the space of the walls. Mark it. Then, adjust the centre tiles along with the A to B line (where line A starts from the centre tiles and ends at walls B).

Align the tiles accordingly maintaining the lines.

Trim the door casing so that tiles can pass through, and you can install them evenly.

  1. Spread the Thinsest of mortar

Special pudding is to mix finely with the Thinset latex additive. You should not use water. After application, you have to wait for about 10 minutes. Don’t prepare much. It must be used in two hours. Otherwise, the activity will be reduced.

Spread it with a trowel with an area of 2 to 3-foot area along the straightedge.

Spread the tiles with the spacer and wait.

  1. Setting the tiles

You have chosen the tiles accordingly as you want. Your tiles might be of Wood effect tiles in design or any other design matched with the other surroundings of the room.

Gently lay tiles one by one on the sunset across the straightedge. Push down the tiles so that the tiles fit on the Thinset on a parallel level to create an even floor.

Set the straightedge for the next row of tiles. Use the same technique to set each tile one by one.

  1. Fitting ceramic tiles near a pillar corner

When extra corners are available in the room created by the pillars is a great hazard. You have to measure the specific area and make a final cut with a saw to create a similar corner as it is created by the pillars.

If there are any other corners, spaces, pipelines or anything that comes in the way, you have to make the trick so that the floor looks even and flawless.

  1. Cleaning the grout

You will see some extra grout here and there even after much care, you have to clean it to make the tiles visibly attractive. Don’t wait much time. Otherwise, it may stay permanently on the tiles.

Now, wait for at least 24 hours to get the tiles fixed on the floor. Your floor is ready now. If you want to choose the best tiles shop, you can visit Avira Tiles, the best tiles shop to deliver tiles to your doorstep.


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