How to transfer Delta miles to Air France

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However, you can use Delta SkyMiles to book Air France flights and vice versa. If you are a SkyMiles member, you can earn the miles and use them for your Air France booking. If you are a medallion member, you can enjoy the benefits that include priority services, lounge access, and many more.

How to transfer Delta miles to Air France

All about transferring miles from Delta to Air France.

Delta Airlines and Air France are the two major airlines in their country. Both the airlines came to terms and became members of SkyMiles or SkyMiles. The two airlines promise to give a seamless travel experience. If you are curious about the miles you availed at Delta Airlines and their use in Air France, then read the article below. 

How to transfer Delta miles to Air France

Transferring miles is not possible for every airline unless the two airlines are partnered airlines of each other. Like in this case, Delta Airlines is a partner of Air France, so you can easily use your delta miles for your Air France flight. Follow the steps mentioned below to use your Delta miles. 

Steps to use your Delta miles for Air France 

  • Visit the official website of Air France.

  • Click on the flight option to book a flight with Air France.

  • Then, fill in all the required details asked in the flight tab. 

  • Then proceed with the “Make Payment” option.

  • You will be given various options to make payments.

  • Choose the option associated with making the payments with the miles of the partnered airlines. 

  • Proceed with that payment option and use your Delta miles. 

Delta Airlines miles can be used to book a flight with Air France. You can also shop and book hotels and lounges with your Delta miles. 

Does Delta codeshare with Air France?

Yes, Delta airlines passengers can easily check in for the Delta codeshare flights, which are operated by Air France, as both the airlines are members of the SkyMiles. Delta codeshare helps in gaining additional services. You can check in through or through the Fly Delta app.

How do I use Delta miles on Air France?

You can use your Delta miles while traveling on Air France in the ways mentioned below;

  • You can use your miles and gain access to the privileged club. 

  • You can shop and pay with the Delta miles. 

  • You can easily book your flight on Air France airlines with Delta miles. 

  • You can choose your seat on your flight.

  • You can get an allowance to bring extra baggage based on the number of miles you have. 

Can I transfer Delta miles to another airline?

Nowhere are you given the option of transferring your miles. You can’t transfer your miles from one airline to another. However, Delta Airlines is partnered with other airlines as a member of SkyMiles. So, if you are traveling with any of the partners of Delta Airlines, then you have a full allowance to use your Delta miles wherever you want. 

Can I transfer my Delta points to Air France?

The airlines don’t provide the option of transferring miles. So, you can’t transfer your Delta miles to Air France. However, Delta Airlines and Air France are members of SkyMiles. So, you can easily bring your Delta miles in use to book a flight on Air France or to shop and pay with the miles.  

Can you convert Delta miles to Air France?

Converting Delta miles to Air France can is the job; none of the airlines will guarantee you. However, what you can do the best is to bring your Delta miles in use at Air France as both the airlines, Delta and Air France, are the partner airlines because they both are part of SkyMiles. So, you can easily book your Air France flight with Delta miles. You can shop, get an extra baggage allowance, choose your preferred seat, and all other benefits of Air France. 


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