How To Stop A Leaking Pipe With Water In It?

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Plumber’s putty, pipe repair clamp, pipe repair spray, and pipe repair rubber tube are the best-proven solution you can use to stop the leaking pipe. Besides the temporary fixes, it is vital to inspect your house’s plumbing system once in a while.

How To Stop A Leaking Pipe With Water In It?

Leaking pipes in homes is one of those panic-inducing situations that causes a lot of damage and expense. Sometimes, the source of the leak is hard to find and leads to severe problems. Numerous reasons could be there behind pipe leaking, and the homeowners must understand the damage that a leak can entail and not ignore it. If the leaking issue is chronic, consider contacting professional plumbers in sparks to find the problem. 

Leakage in the house, mainly from the pipes, is the prime plumbing issue that most homeowners face. This blog will highlight the significant causes of the pipe leaking and how you can prevent it with proven solutions. 

Reasons for Leaking Water Pipes

Temperature Changes:

During the colder months, the pipe gets frozen, causing them to contract. Consequently, the pipe expands and causes gaps when water runs through it, leading to leaks. 

Hard Water:

Hard water contains minerals that stick to the infrastructure’s interior and weaken the material. Eventually, the accumulation of calcium and magnesium causes cracking, clogging, and backups. Sometimes this build-up can cause inner pipes to break, leading to trenchless sewer repair in Reno. Hence, to avoid severe predicaments, it is vital to inspect your house’s plumbing system once in a while.


Over time, the rust and other corrosion eat away at the pipes in your home, creating an opening for water to escape through. 


Hair, dirt, and grease play a significant role in drain clogs. If your sinks, showers, and toilets are draining much slower than usual, it might indicate a drain blockage. 

How to Stop a Leaking Pipe

It’s always best to call a plumbing repair contractor in Reno NV if you are not confident in handling the issue yourself. Fixing leaking water pipes without appropriate knowledge can worsen the situation. However, if you need a temporary fix for your plumbing issue before implementing a long-term professional solution, then here is the list of some proven solutions that can help you with that: 

Plumber’s Putty:

Using a plumber’s putty is one of the best ways to rectify pinhole leaks or major leaks at a fitting joint. Moreover, it is widely available online and in-home improvement stores. The plumber’s putty consists of mixing two components to form a strong waterproof seal. 

Pipe Repair Clamp:

It encompasses two metal plates and a rubber patch which is placed over the hole and around the pipe, tightening it together to make a screw. It can be used for the pipes like steel, copper, asbestos cement, cast iron, and plastic pipes. 

Pipe Repair Spray:

It is ideal for repairing temporary fixes of drains, pipes, guttering, windows, and roofs. Additionally, a good pipe repair spray remains flexible and consistent for years and protects the pipe from corrosion. 

Pipe Repair Rubber Tape:

It is another effective solution to stop leaking pipes. Start by turning the water supply off and wrap a tape a few times around the pipe to ensure the watertight seal. This tape is suitable for repairing cables, jointing, hoses, plastic, and metal tubes. Moreover, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to fix leaky pipes.

Besides the temporary fixes, you must contact a professional plumber to look over your house’s plumbing system before the situation gets worse. The leaking pipe could be an indicator of an eroding piping system. Call the professionals today if you are in a similar situation.

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