How do I cancel my booking on Vueling?

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Call 1-800-365-1768 for cancel booking on Vueling?

How do I cancel my booking on Vueling?

Hey, have a booking with Vueling airlines and need to cancel the booking? Passengers don’t want to cancel their especially flight booking without extreme emergency. It is not very difficult to cancel their Vueling airlines ticket. Just go to the Manage booking section of Vueling's official website and cancel your booking. If you also search for the method to cancel your booking with Vueling Airline, go through the below steps. This blog will narrate detailed information about how to cancel my booking on Vueling. Follow the below methods:

Method -1: Cancellation via Vueling official address.

Method -2: cancellation via mobile app.

Method -3: Cancellation via Vueling Airport counter

Method -4: Cancellation via Vueling customer service person.

Cancellation via Vueling official address:

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Search for Vueling airline’s official website at the search bar
  • Go to the Vueling official address
  • Here click on the sign-in tab
  • The website will be redirected to the sign-in page
  • Enter your user Id and password.
  • Further click on enter
  • After log-in, take your cursor at the ‘Manage booking’ section
  • And enter your booking Id and the last name of the passenger
  • Now the website will display the travel details.
  • Review the booking and click on the ‘cancel’ tap.
  • After cancellation, the Airline will send a confirmation message of cancellation.

Cancellation via Vueling mobile app:

  • Download and install Vueling mobile app
  • Open the app on your phone and sign in to your account with your user Id and password.
  • Now go to ‘my trips’ option
  • Open flight details
  • Click on the ‘cancel’ option
  • After cancellation, the airline will a confirmation message of cancellation.

Cancellation via Vueling Airport counter 

Visit the nearest Airport and go to the Vueling reservation counter. Here you will get the Vueling customer support executive and talk with them. You can request them to cancel your booking. Vueling representative will guide you for Vueling cancel booking. The Vueling executive will ask for your booking Id to process the cancellation. After cancellation, the refund will be credited to the same method of payment. The aviation executive is also available 24x7 for the help of the Vueling Airlines customer. 

Cancellation via Vueling customer service person

Open your web browser and go to Vueling's official address. After that, open the ‘contact us’ where you will get different contact details of the Vueling customer service person. Choose any of the contact detail either the phone number, chat option, or via email. If you select the Vueling customer service phone number then dial the Vueling Air reservation Number. Now, wait for the operator's response, and after response tell them you want to cancel the ticket. The aviation executive will take your request and give you a token number for reference. After cancellation, you can check your refund status. Similarly, if you select chat or email support you need to mention your booking Id and the name of the passenger and request Vueling executives to cancel your booking.

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