How to Travel More: 11 Effective Tips

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Did you know that people are 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack if they don't take a vacation for five consecutive years?

How to Travel More: 11 Effective Tips

Did you know that people are 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack if they don't take a vacation for five consecutive years? In fact, over 80% of Americans have reported that they noticed a significant reduction in stress after coming back from a vacation.

Thanks to these statistics, it's now evident that traveling can have a plethora of benefits for your health. If you're looking for ways to travel more, you've come to the right place.

Below are key tips on how to travel more and make the most out of your vacations.

1. Plan Your Off Days in Advance

Like most people, you probably find that your days off are filled with errands and other obligations. As a result, it can be difficult to find time to travel.

However, if you plan your days off in advance, you can make time for travel. By plotting out your days off on a calendar, you can ensure that you have time for both your obligations and your trips.

In addition, planning ahead allows you to take advantage of cheaper flight prices and hotel rates. Anyone who has ever gone on a last-minute trip knows that it can be both expensive and stressful. Hotels and airlines are always more expensive when booked at the last minute.

And, if you're organized, you can even use your vacation days to earn points or miles that you can use for future travel. So if you want to travel more, start by planning your days off in advance. It's the first step to making your travel dreams a reality. 

2. Start By Short Trips Closer to Home

If you want to travel more, it's advisable to start small. There's no need to book a flight to the other side of the world just yet.

Instead, focus on taking shorter trips within your own country or region. Not only is this more affordable, but it's also less daunting and easier to plan.

You can always work your way up to longer and more far-flung destinations as you get comfortable with traveling. 

3. Take Advantage of Long Weekends

One of the greatest travel tips is to take advantage of long weekends such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Presidents’ Day. By adding just an extra day or two to your weekend getaway, you can explore a new destination without using up all of your vacation days.

Plus, many businesses offer special deals and discounts on travel during long weekends so you can save even more money.

If you can’t seem to find the time or money to travel more, get creative and explore your own backyard. There are probably many places near you that you’ve never even heard of.

Do some research and find hidden gems close to home that you can visit for a day or weekend trip. You may be surprised at how much there is to see and do right in your own backyard. 

4. Reduce Your Spending on Unnecessary things

One of the biggest reasons people don’t travel is because they believe it to be too expensive. And while traveling can be costly, there are plenty of ways to find the money for your trips. 

The key is to reduce your spending on unnecessary things and redirect that money towards travel. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Start with a savings plan
  • Get creative with your living situation
  • Ditch the daily Starbucks habit
  • Cook at home more often rather than going out to eat

Ensure you take a close look at your spending habits and cut back on unnecessary expenses. You can then channel the money you save towards traveling and make your travel dreams a reality. 

5. Go Where There Are Air Fare and Hotel Deals

If you want to travel more, start by looking for airfare and hotel deals. There are plenty of websites that offer great deals on airfare and hotels, so take advantage of them!

You can also sign up for newsletters from airlines and hotels to always be aware of the latest deals.

6. Take Advantage of Reward Points

Using your points and miles to travel is a great way to save money and travel more. You can often get free flights and hotel stays by redeeming your points.

Additionally, you can use your points to upgrade your seat or get a better room. If you are not using your rewards points, you are missing out on a great opportunity to travel more.

Moreover, many credit cards today offer rewards points that can be redeemed for travel expenses, so be sure to use a card that offers this perk. You can also sign up for loyalty programs with airlines and hotels, such as the Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC) points. 

By doing so, you can earn points that you can use to book accommodation in the future. However, ensure that you know the HGVC points values and how they work.

7. Work Remotely

Remote work gives you the freedom and flexibility to travel when and where you want. Granted, not everyone has the option to work remotely – but if you do, it’s definitely worth considering!

There are a number of ways to make working remotely possible, even if your job doesn’t traditionally allow it. For example, you could talk to your boss about the possibility of working from home one or two days a week or see if there’s any scope for working from another location part-time.

This way, you’ll still be able to earn a good income while allowing yourself to travel more. 

8. Take Advantage of Travel Hacks

Travel hacks are small tips or tricks that make traveling easier and more efficient. By taking advantage of travel hacks, you can save time, money, and stress while traveling.

Here are a few effective travel hacks that will help you travel more:

  • Use a packing checklist to stay organized and ensure you don't forget anything
  • Pack light to save time and money
  • Travel with a carry-on
  • Book flights in advance to get the best price
  • Utilize your rewards points to book flights and hotels, and access airport lounges 
  • Find cheap accommodation
  • Eat like a local while traveling

These travel hacks help you save money and time while giving you the convenience of traveling like a pro! 

9. Find a Travel Buddy or Join a Group

Traveling solo can be daunting and, at times, unsafe. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid exploring the world by yourself.

There are plenty of ways to make solo travel both safe and enjoyable. One of the best ways to do this is to find a travel buddy or join a group tour.

A travel buddy can be a friend, family member, or even a fellow traveler you meet along the way. Having someone to explore with can make the experience much more enjoyable and less lonely.

If you’re not comfortable traveling with someone you know, there are plenty of group tours available for solo travelers. These tours are a great way to meet new people and see the world without worrying about planning everything yourself.

10. Extend Your Work Trips

If you have the opportunity to travel for work, take advantage of it! Try to extend your stay by a day or two so that you can explore the area. This is a great way to see new places without using all of your vacation days.

However, ensure you check with your employer first to ensure this is okay. Some companies may have policies in place that do not allow this. 

11. Prioritize Affordable Destinations

One of the best ways to travel often is to prioritize more affordable destinations and experiences. This could mean anything from visiting cheaper countries to taking advantage of free activities in your own city or town.

There are endless possibilities for affordable travel if you get creative and do your research. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Research the cost of living in different destinations before making any final decision
  • Look for affordable accommodation options, such as hostels or Couchsurfing
  • Find free or cheap activities to do in each destination.
  • Travel during the off-season to avoid peak prices
  • Consider taking a road trip instead of flying to your destination

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The most important thing is to get creative and have fun planning your next adventure.

Now You Know How to Travel More 

There are many reasons you should try to travel as much as possible. Perhaps you want to see the world and experience new cultures. Maybe you're looking for a way to get away from it all and relax.

No matter what your reason is, we have the perfect tips for you on how to travel more and spend less. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip today.

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