Here are Some Platforms You Can Use Instead of Zoom.

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This blog has a list of the top platforms you can use instead of Zoom.

Here are Some Platforms You Can Use Instead of Zoom.

The last two years have completely changed the scenario of hosting events and connecting with our fellow regular workforce. Since the pandemic did not leave us with any choice but to look for some alternatives to host meetings and stay connected with the professional world. It was when we were introduced to the popular online meeting and conference platform, Zoom. This platform got so popular during the pandemic that ‘Zoom Meetings’ became an everyday term. 

However, Is Zoom the only platform that enables us to connect with the outer world with ease and comfort? We bet not. There are several other options available that enable the organizers to host meetings and conferences most conveniently and seamlessly. In this blog, we will help you with the same. 

This blog has a list of the top platforms you can use instead of Zoom. 


Talking about the first name that comes to mind when we think of the top alternative platforms to Zoom, we have Mixhubb. It is a self-managed 3D online event platform that allows you to host immersive and unforgettable experiences all by yourself. Gone are the days when you would depend on some tech expert to help you deliver the event. It has been designed keeping the convenience and comfort of the organizers in mind. It means it comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for the organizers to host events on this platform.

Not only this, Mixhubb is a customizable platform that allows the organizers to personalize their meetings, conferences, and events as per their brand requirements and objectives. In addition, Mixhubb is an inexpensive platform that ensures that the organizers do not need to spend hefty sums of money to host events. Moreover, it provides the organizers with a set of several out-of-the-box features that help them make the entire experience more smooth and hassle-free. One thing you should note about this platform is that it offers a one-month free trial to the organizers, and they can use this offer to host unlimited events during that time. 


We all have grown up hearing a lot about this virtual meeting platform and maybe using it to connect with our overseas relatives and friends. Its advanced feature Skype Meet Now allows the organizers to conduct meetings with upto 50 attendees. Also, to access meetings through this platform, the attendees no longer have to create an account. The attendees just need to click on the link, and Voila! In addition, Skype comes with a live chat functionality that allows the attendees to engage in the meeting and communicate with their fellow attendees. One thing you should note about this platform is it is absolutely free of cost, and the organizers do not need to spend money to host meetings and conferences. In addition, Skype is a multi-device-compatible platform that allows the attendees to access the meeting from any device of their choice. 

Facebook Messenger Rooms: 

The next platform we will be talking about is Facebook Messenger. The horizon of Facebook has expanded vastly in the last few years. One of the most popular elements or features of this platform is Facebook Messenger Rooms. This feature allows people to form communities, which can either be private or public. These Messenger Rooms can accommodate up to 50 attendees at one time and for unlimited time. Not only this, in Facebook’s Messenger Rooms, the participants can use filters that are powered by Augmented Reality. Though it is more of an informal platform, you can still use it to network and connect with people. 


This alternative of Zoom was designed to keep gamers and gaming enthusiasts in mind. It is an informal platform that lets you create private communities and interact with people around the world. Though it is popular among gamers, users can use this platform according to their choice and convenience. Discord is a server-based platform, and those servers are completely invite-only. The intent behind creating this platform was to allow people to have fun and interact with people. However, over time, small to midsize organizations started to use this platform to connect with their teams and carry out remote work smoothly. 

Zoho Meeting: 

Zoho Meeting is an open-source online conference platform that allows the organizers to host meetings with upto 100 attendees. One of the most compelling features of this platform is that to attend a meeting on this platform, the attendees do not need to install any additional application or software. They just have to click on the link to attend the meeting through their browsers. It is a multi-device and multi-browser accessible platform. It means the attendees can join the meeting from the device of their choice. Moreover, Zoho Meeting provides the users with several engaging tools and features, including screen sharing, recording, and moderate calls. 

The platforms we have explained above are some of the top platforms you can use instead of Zoom. The names that we included above are free as well paid. You can use them according to your needs and requirements. 


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