How Do I Get a Human at Google Drive? -Live Agent 24/7

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if you want to talk to a live person at google drive then follow then mentioned guidance and get in touch with google drive customer service

How Do I Get a Human at Google Drive? -Live Agent 24/7

Storage and getting access to files is one of the issues which is commonly faced, but now it is resolved by Google through Google Drive, which allows you to save files and get access to them anywhere you want either via computer or mobile or through the tablet. And if you are stuck or have any questions about using google drive, you can get in touch with google drive customer service and have a solution.

How to talk to a live person on Google Drive?

Google allows you to seek the resolution from humans on Google drive. And the way through which you can get google drive customer service are as such:-

Via call

Call directly to google customer care and have the resolution accordingly. To get the google customer service number visit the official page of google drive and select the help option there. You have the contact us option, then mention your issue and contact the live person. Or you can get the number directly and search for the google drive customer service number through your internet browser.

Via chat

You can also have the resolution through the live google chat, and to get the chat option, you can search for the google chat on a web browser there, you have a chat option, click on that, and now you can chat to google customer service.

Via feedback

  • Open the google drive page in your web browser or open the mobile application.
  • After that, you have the question mark sign on the top page and the left side of
  • the setting option. Click on that question mark.
  • In that, you have a help option. Click on that.
  • Then on the right side mini tab will open where you have to send feedback
  • option select that which is at the bottom of that tab.
  • Then give the feedback, and you can also attract the file and click on send.
  • When the feedback is sent successfully, google drive customer service will get back with the solution.

How to send a message by email?

  • Search the official email page on your web browser or open the email application
  • Now enter your email address and password to log into your account
  • Now you have the page where you can see the compose option on the left side of the page. Click on that.
  • After that new message will open
  • In that, you to add the recipient name, which could be one or more, give the
  • subject name and type your email or attach a file
  • Now hit on the option, and your email will be sent.

How to send an email or chat to Google Drive?

  • Search for google chat in the web browser
  • Then google chat help page will open
  • On the same page, you have the google hat options. select that
  • After that, a new page gets opened. On that page, you have two options and
  • select one of them, and you can chat with google drive customer service.

Is google drive customer service available 24 hours?

Yes, google drive customer care is available 24 hours, but it has different timings in some care. Google drive has divided the cases according to their priority, and if your issue falls under the p3 and p4 cases, you might not get the 24-hour service.


Hence, You can take the multiple benefits of google drive, and if the issue is caused, then they are providing  24-hour Google Drive customer service, and you can also get a human to resolve your issue.

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