Your Guide For Your Dreamy Winter wedding: Tips For Wedding Outfit and Makeup

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Our blog is a compilation of tips for your wedding dress and wedding makeup look that will keep you both warm and stylish

Your Guide For Your Dreamy Winter wedding: Tips For Wedding Outfit and Makeup

There is no denying that winter is the perfect time to tie the knot with your special one. It's romantic, magical, and gives you natural blush! The decision to marry in winter comes with the tension of chills, the perfect outfit and non-cakey makeup.

We understand that you would not want to shiver or get chills when you are on the stage therefore, we have got just the right fashion guide from personal fashion stylist for you that will help you plan your best day with fun and zeal. Our blog is a compilation of tips for your wedding dress and wedding makeup look that will keep you both warm and stylish. Scroll down and note all the pointers to have a fun-tastic wedding!

Your outfit plays an essential role when it comes to planning your dream wedding. You would want to look out for pastels you are planning to tie the knot in the morning, and all evening ladies should follow the solid colors to pop out on your special day. Not just the color, but the right material, blouse and sleeves need to be kept into account.

Velvet is your friend

Trust us ladies, velvet is your best friend when it comes to planning a winter wedding. It is rich, and the fabric will keep you warm. You should avoid looking for net and georgette as they are more of a summer material. 

Silk is a great choice

If you are looking for a rich, and royal look to your outfit, then opt for a silk or banarasi silk lehenga on your special day. Silk will also add an extra layer of warmth and keep you cosy all day.

Look for Double Dupatta or Shawls

For your dream winter wedding, you can also choose to get two dupattas, one can be a net dupatta and another could be a shawl or a velvet dupatta, which will keep you warm and also add a touch of royalty to your outfit. You can choose from a wide range of embroidered dupatta or shawls for your big day or get yourself a pashmina shawl on one side. or you can choose to hire a wedding shopping consultant to take the burden off your shoulders.

Choose To wear warmers

You can also wear warmers under your lehenga, which will help to keep you warm if you don’t want to wear a pashmina or a velvet lehenga.

Jackets or Capes for winters

If you do not want to compromise on the material, then we suggest that you look for lehengas with jackets. You can wear your lehenga with a long or short embroidered jacket, or pair it well with a cape. This will also enhance your overall look on your special day.

Look for full sleeveless blouses

Another smart tip is to look for embroidered full sleeves blouses with your lehenga. You can experiment with your neckline if you want to add a statement to your look. You can also choose to wear a peplum blouse for your winter wedding look. 

Brides-to-be you don’t have to worry about shivering in the cold or compromise on your outfit on your wedding day. These tips will help you create the ideal wedding look that will compliment your dreamy winter wedding.

Keep reading more to know about our tips to keep your skin hydrated and glowy for our wedding.

Prepping your skin is a must

Be it winters or summers, prepping the skin is very important. One should always keep the skin well hydrated and moisturized. We agree that in winters the skin needs extra care and moisture, therefore you should always look for hydrating primer and moisturizer for your big day.

Say hello to Liquid or cream-based products 

Opt for liquid-based foundation and cream-based products instead of powder so that your makeup does not end up looking cakey. You can also prepare for the same by applying hydrating moisturizers and primers. 

We also suggest that you take extra care of your lips as they tend to quickly get chapped during winters. Apply and reapply lip-balms or vaselines that will keep your lips moisturized and your lips will not look chaptered. 

Regardless of the season, we suggest that you always opt for water-proof makeup for your wedding day and keep yourself hydrated. Add a shawl to keep yourself from the chills and enjoy your special day with lots of love!

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