Here are 8 things you can relate to if you’re a music freak

Posted 6 years ago in MUSIC STYLE.

Do you sing the same song for an entire day just because it has ruled your heart? Do you love ignoring the crowd and sit at a place to listen to music? Are you the one who lives and dies for music? If you are a passionate music lover, then here are the things which only you can relate to:

Here are 8 things you can relate to if you’re a music freak
  1. 1. You need music even at workplace

        Because music push out the best from you, you want to hear it at your workplace also. It gives you new thoughts after all.

  1. 2. You are fond of 80s and 90s song


    Hearing 80s song gives you peace. Your friends say you old fashioned but they eventually end up liking your choices and if brave enough they may end up telling you how incredible your choice is.


  1. 3. You have respect for music in your heart

You respect all the creations of all the singers in industry. You respect Lata Mangeshkar, Manna day, Jagjit singh etc


  1. 4. Karaoke lord

 You are the “Karaoke Lord” according to your family and friends. Even relatives will call you karaoke lord if they spend even a day with you.


  1. 5. Antakshari

Every team wants to take you when antakshari is played because it’s all about winning the game and they know you are the best player.


  1. 6. You have got collection for almost every occasion which automatically gives you to play music of your own choice.


    You can play any song you want and you are happy with what you have done.


  1. 7. All songs are your favourite


    when it comes to favourite song, you can’t pick just one because you die for every song and you hate it when someone asks for your favourite.


  1. 8. You work when music is functional

 When music surrounds you are loaded with thousands of creative ideas but you are worthless when music is not with you.