How do I contact live person at Facebook to recover my account?

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If you are facing any issue while Facebook account recovery then directly you can talk to a live person at Facebook support to get help.

How do I contact live person at Facebook to recover my account?

How do I contact Facebook to recover my account?

Are you struggling to recover your Facebook account and not getting a result? Well, speaking to the Facebook live person is the best solution to this. You can talk to a live person on Facebook anytime by going through some simple procedures given below.

Several options to contact the Facebook support team

  1. Via phone number
  2. Via Facebook chat
  3. Email service
  4. Facebook community
  5. Social Media handles
  6. Mailing Address

So if you see, there are different options to contact Facebook that you can use in different situations. But to Recover the Facebook account, you can dial the Facebook helpline number and connect to a Facebook live person.

Steps to connect a Facebook live person

  1. Dial the Facebook helpline number on your device

  2. Listen carefully to the OC-Call prompt instructions, which are as below

  3. Select button 2 for any law enforcement related assistance

  4. Select button 3 for advertisement and business development related issue

  5. Select button 4 for marketing related information and issues

  6. Select button 5 for press and editorial related queries

  7. Select button 6 to know anything about employment verification

  8. Select button 7 to get in touch with the Facebook live agent

  9. Select button 0 to speak to the Facebook representative

Following the above phone menus, select 0 to speak to the Facebook live person and recover the Facebook account. Once connected, you can take help on the following queries.

Queries to be solved by the Facebook live person

  1. Facebook account recovery related issue
  2. Facebook login related query
  3. To get assistance on creating a group or business account
  4. General query or security-related query
  5. To report or block any Facebook account

Reading the above information, you can talk to a live person at Facebook anytime. You can also join the Facebook community to get answers from other users. The Facebook community enclosed almost every question that a user can ask.