How To Wash Your Car By Hand

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Regular car washing can be of great importance in terms of extending the life of the car and at the same time reducing expenses.

How To Wash Your Car By Hand

Regular car washing can be of great importance in terms of extending the life of the car and at the same time reducing expenses.

Most cars are exposed every day to a drilling rig of materials that can potentially be harmful to the car - such as salt, gravel, soil, brake dust and bird droppings. If you regularly wash and clean your car and remove it before it has time to affect the car's paintwork, it helps to lengthen the car's exterior for a long time.

If you do not have the courage to take care of your car yourself, then you can always get professionals to do it for you.

It is quite a simple matter to your Bilvask by hand and you only need completely basic cleaning materials. We have a few tips to achieve a satisfactory result.

Park your car out of direct sunlight. This prevents the car from drying out too quickly, which can leave water stains on the paint

Place your cleaning materials close to the car, including a bucket of hot water and detergent, a bucket of clean, cold water, and cloths and sponges.

Check that all windows and doors are closed properly and remove the antenna if possible

If you have a water hose, use it to loosen soil on the outside of the car, if any.

Wash the car section by section with a sponge and the warm water with detergent. It is best to start with the roof and go further down thereafter. Remember to regularly clean the sponge of dirt

After cleaning each section, rinse the area with cold, clean water - either with a water hose or a bucket.

Follow up regularly that the car is wet, as it is important to dry it with a towel at the end, rather than letting it air dry.

Wash the lower part of the car and the wheels at the end, as these are usually the dirtiest places on the car.

Wash your rims with a suitable brush if you have one and otherwise a cloth. If you have the opportunity, you can flush loose soil off first.

Rinse the bottom of the car and the wheels with cold, clean water - with a hose or bucket.

Wipe the car with a towel. By using a towel instead of letting it air dry, you eliminate the risk of stains and water stains. Water stains come from mineral deposits in the water, and when the water evaporates, the minerals are left on the varnish and it leaves marks.

If necessary, polish with wax afterwards.

When you wash the car by hand, you also get a better opportunity to inspect the car for scratches, paint scratches, color differences and rust damage. That way, you can detect small damages early and have them repaired before they become larger and thus more expensive to repair.

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