Zinc7 Reviews – The All 7 Essential Forms of Zinc Supplement?

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Zinc7 is a zinc supplement that uses seven types of zinc to help you get your daily recommended zinc intake.

Zinc7 Reviews

Zinc7 Reviews – The All 7 Essential Forms of Zinc Supplement?

Zinc7 is a zinc supplement that uses seven types of zinc to help you get your daily recommended zinc intake.

By taking two capsules of Zinc7 Reviews  daily, you can give your body the seven most critical forms of zinc in one easy to take formula. Zinc7 is exclusively available through GetZinc7.com.

Zinc7 is made by Revelation Health, a Pennsylvania-based health food and supplement company.

Should you buy Zinc7? Does Zinc7 live up to the hype? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Zinc7 and how it works.

What is Zinc7?

Zinc7 Reviews is a nutritional supplement that contains zinc and rose hips. While other zinc supplements only contain one or two types of zinc, Zinc7 contains seven types of zinc.

Each two capsule serving of Zinc7  Reviewscontains a significant dose of the seven most important types of zinc, including zinc citrate, zinc glycinate, zinc picolinate, zinc ascorbate, zinc methionate, zinc orotate, and zinc acetate.

Each type of zinc works in a different way. According to the creators of Zinc7, zinc citrate is for your gums, teeth, and dental health, for example, while zinc citrate gives you a deeper, higher-quality sleep. By taking all seven types of zinc at once, you can get multiple zinc benefits in multiple areas of your body.

How Does Zinc7 Work?

According to the manufacturer of Zinc7, the supplement is the only product in the world that synergizes the seven most critical forms of zinc into one easy-to-take formula.

Here are all seven types of zinc in Zinc7 Reviews and how they work, according to the official website:

Zinc Citrate: For gums, teeth, and dental health. Your body needs zinc to support immunity in all parts, including your gums and teeth.

Zinc Glycinate: For hormones and sex drive. Your body needs this type of zinc to support the production of crucial sex hormones. Studies show that people who are deficient in zinc may have lower sex drive and lower sex hormone production.

Zinc Picolinate: Zinc picolinate is designed to support liver cell health and anti-aging benefits, according to the manufacturer. If you aren’t getting your daily recommended intake of zinc, then it could affect your immune system, liver, and overall aging.

Zinc Ascorbate: Many of the world’s most popular zinc supplements use zinc ascorbate. It’s ideal for colds and immune system production, according to the manufacturer of Zinc7. Studies show that people who are deficient in zinc tend to have poorer immune health than people who get their daily recommended zinc intake.

Zinc Methionate: Zinc methionate isn’t attached to specific effects or parts of the body, according to the manufacturer of Zinc7 Reviews. However, it is ideal for “higher absorption and synergy,” giving your body zinc it can use in all corners of the body for better effects.

Zinc Orotate: Zinc orotate is a zinc supplement that can give you deeper, higher-quality sleep. If you aren’t getting enough zinc, then your sleep quality could suffer. Zinc7 aims to help that.

Zinc7 also contains rose hips, a natural extract that boosts cellular delivery for all seven forms of zinc above. Plus, the capsules use patented VCAP technology for ideal nutrient delivery, preserving all seven forms of zinc as they travel through your stomach acid and digestive tract to reach their intended destination.

What Makes Zinc7 Unique?

You can find plenty of zinc supplements with one or two of the types of zinc listed above. In fact, you could get all seven types of zinc by buying five or seven supplements from the market. However, Zinc7 is the only supplement with all seven types of zinc in one convenient package.

Many zinc supplements contain zinc citrate and zinc methionate, for example, because they’re popular and easy for your body to absorb.

Other zinc supplements contain zinc picolinate, zinc glycinate, or zinc ascorbate for various reasons and benefits.

Zinc7 Reviews also uses a special capsule technology to differentiate itself from the competition. The company’s VCAP technology uses an all-natural, purple carrot coloring to give the supplement a unique appearance. That capsule is also specially designed to protect the active ingredients as they enter your body and reach their intended destination.

For all of these reasons and more, the makers of Zinc7 describe the formula as “the perfect supplement to take every single day.”

Top 5 Warning Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc7 is a straightforward supplement: it gives you a strong daily dose of zinc across multiple types to ensure you’re getting your recommended daily intake of the crucial mineral.

According to Revelation Health, over 1.1 billion people are deficient in zinc. In fact, the company claims 80% to 90% of people aren’t getting their “optimum” levels of zinc.

Are you deficient in zinc? Here are the top five warning signs, according to Zinc7 Reviews:

Warning Sign #1: You Don’t Sleep Long Enough: Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep. However, according to Revelation Health, people who struggle to sleep may have zinc deficiency issues. One study found that people with insomnia had significantly lower levels of zinc than people who fell asleep easily.

Warning Sign #2: Fragile Immune System: Zinc can help prevent viral replication, according to Revelation Health, shortening the duration of the common cold. There’s a reason many doctors recommend taking zinc at the onset of cold symptoms. If your immune system feels fragile, then it could be linked to zinc deficiency.

Warning Sign #3: You Have Low Sex Drive or Mood: People with a low sex drive or mood swings could be deficient in zinc. Zinc is a crucial building block of hormones like estrogen and testosterone, crucial sex hormones for men and women. Studies show that men with low testosterone tend to have lower levels of zinc, and women with low zinc levels tend to have greater symptoms of menopause and more hormonal imbalances.

Warning Sign #4: You Gain Weight Easily: People who gain weight easily tend to be deficient in zinc. In one study, researchers gave two groups of people the exact same number of calories per day, but one group took a zinc supplement. The zinc group lost more weight than the placebo group. Because of these results and other studies, researchers believe zinc is crucial for a health metabolism.

Warning Sign #5: Your Gums Bleed Easily: If your gums bleed easily, it could be a sign you’re lacking in zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for tightening and strengthening your gums, reducing tooth decay, and helping to brighten your entire mouth.

If you suffer from one or more of these low zinc warning signs, then Zinc7 could help.

Zinc7 Benefits

According to Revelation Health, the zinc in Zinc7 Reviews can provide the following benefits:

  • Significantly boost immunity
  • Help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep while waking up feeling refreshed the next day
  • Lose weight faster on the same number of calories by supporting a better metabolism
  • Boost hormone health, sex drive, and performance for both men and women
  • Protect your liver against carcinogens and toxins while keeping fatty liver away
  • Transform your gums and teeth while stopping bleeding and decay and keeping them white

Zinc provides these benefits because it’s involved in more than 300 critical reactions across the body. If you aren’t getting your daily amount of zinc, then you’ll feel it in multiple areas of your body.

Scientific Evidence for Zinc7

Do you really need seven different types of zinc? What makes Zinc7 Reviews unique from other zinc supplements sold online today? Is there any science backing up the claims on the Zinc7 website?

The makers of Zinc7 cite several studies linking the types of zinc in Zinc7 to various benefits. According to the manufacturer, the different types of zinc in Zinc7 have been shown to work in different ways in different studies.

The manufacturer claims zinc citrate is ideal for gum and dental health, for example. As proof, the company cites a study showing that zinc citrate is used in toothpaste and mouthwash to prevent the formation of dental plaque and gingivitis. You can also find zinc in chewing gum, candies, and bad breath treatments, among other natural formulas.

Zinc glycinate, meanwhile, is a form of zinc designed specifically to support immune function. According to one review, zinc glycinate promote skin health, hair health, and wound healing while also being crucial for sex drive and testosterone production in men.

Zinc picolinate is another major form of zinc in Zinc7. Zinc picolinate, unlike other types of zinc, has antioxidant effects. It prevents oxidative damage and protects cells against DNA damage, according to the manufacturer. Your body needs zinc to support liver health, detoxification, and overall anti-aging benefits, among other effects.

Zinc ascorbate is one type of zinc linked to blood sugar support – something we don’t see with other types of zinc used in Zinc7. Zinc ascorbate, according to a review study, can also help keep your skin, eyes, and heart healthy while exhibiting natural antimicrobial activity, helping with infections.

The fifth type of zinc in Zinc7 is zinc methionate, which is a type of zinc that promotes skin health and wound healing. Your body needs zinc methionate to metabolize carbs and for over 100 enzyme systems. It’s crucial for vision, growth, skeletal health, tissue repair, and sexual health, among other parts of the body.

The penultimate form of zinc in Zinc7 is zinc orotate. Zinc orotate is unique because it has a small size that lets it pass easily through cell membranes, making it more bioavailable. With zinc orotate, you get all of the benefits of zinc more quickly while supporting your immune system, heart, liver, bones, and joints along with a normal response to inflammation.

Zinc acetate is the final form of zinc in Zinc7. Zinc acetate can be found in cold lozenges because it reduces symptoms and speeds up recovery, among other benefits. Studies also show it helps with liver health and liver cell regeneration, especially after periods of heavy stress.

Zinc7 gives you more than enough zinc across all seven types. While the average multivitamin contains 50% to 200% of your recommended dietary intake (RDI) of zinc, Zinc7 contains 455%, or 4.5x your recommended daily value.

Zinc7 Ingredients Label

The makers of Zinc7 disclose all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare Zinc7 to other zinc supplements sold online today. Here are all of the ingredients and dosages in Zinc7:

  • 50mg of the Zinc7 proprietary blend with rosehips, zinc citrate, zinc ascorbate, zinc glycinate, zinc picolinate, zinc methionate, zinc orotate, and zinc acetate
  • Other (inactive) ingredients, including cellulose and vegetable stearate

The formula is vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, and dairy-free. It’s also certified non-toxic by the Non-Toxic Project.

Zinc7 Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

People don’t usually get excited about zinc supplements. However, the Zinc7 website is filled with stories from happy customers who have noticed significant benefits since taking Zinc7.

Here are some of the experiences and customer reviews shared online through the True Cellular Formulas Zinc7 website: one customer praised Zinc7 for offering “the true power of zinc in its most absorbable forms,” claiming the formula was one of the only ones to provide “seven absorbable forms all in one supplement” and that there is “nothing better on the market”

Another customer claims she “love[s] this zinc” for the purple colors and pure ingredients

Another user likes Zinc7 for supporting his health while working long hours and traveling frequently; by taking Zinc7 daily, he knows he’s “fueling” his body with “the most effective zinc supplements [he has] ever come across”

One reviewer is a busy mom on-the-go who takes Zinc7 to “support multiple health systems;” that woman likes Zinc7 because it’s “just 2 capsules and I’m covered”

Overall, most customers agree Zinc7 works as advertised to support a range of benefits while providing seven highly absorbable forms of zinc.

Zinc7 Pricing

Zinc7 is priced at $59 per bottle. However, the price drops significantly when ordering the 3 bottle package (which is the most popular option) or the 6 bottle package (which is the best value option). There’s also a 12 bottle package where the price drops to just $29 per bottle.

Here’s how pricing breaks down on the official Zinc7 supplement website:

  • 1 Bottle: $59 + $5.96 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $147 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $234 + Free US Shipping
  • 12 Bottle: $348 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle contains 60 capsules (30 servings) of Zinc7. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily to give your body its daily recommended intake of zinc.

Zinc7 Refund Policy

Revelation Health accepts returns on unopened, unused, non-perishable products within 15 days of your purchase. The company will charge you a 20% restocking fee and will not refund original shipping costs.

If you have opened or used your bottle of Zinc7, then you cannot request a refund on that bottle. However, you can request a refund on all unopened bottles within 15 days.

About Revelation Health

Zinc7 Reviews is made by a nutritional supplement company named Revelation Health. That company makes a range of vitamins, natural health food products, and supplements.

Other popular Revelation Health products include CytoDetox, ION Gut Support, Pure Form Omega Natural, Fastonic, and BrainDTX.

You can contact Revelation Health, LLC via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 888-600-0642
  • Mailing Address: 2853 Oxford Blvd #104, Allison Park, PA 15101

Revelation Health partnered with a man named Warren Phillips, MS in Geology in Environmental Toxicity, to create Zinc7. Warren suffered from a severe zinc deficiency before his “health completely transformed in a matter of weeks” by taking a zinc supplement. Warren claims his hair grew back, his energy increased, and his sex drive skyrocketed after taking a zinc supplement. Now, he wants others to enjoy similar benefits through Zinc7.

Final Word

Zinc7 is a zinc supplement that uses seven types of zinc to help you get your recommended dietary intake of multiple types of zinc with different targeted effects.

By taking two capsules of Zinc7 daily, you can support immunity, tissue repair, hormone production, anti-aging effects, and more – all with the power of Zinc7.

To learn more about Zinc7 and how the supplement works, or to buy the formula today, visit the official website.

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