Guide To Viewing Instagram Profile Pictures in Full HD

Posted 2 years ago in TECHNOLOGY.

About Instagram Restrictions and How to Surpass them

Guide To Viewing Instagram Profile Pictures in Full HD

Instagram is one the most used social media platform around the world. It has more than a billion active users. Instagram has a lot of restrictions regarding the usage of its platform. People face a lot of problems due to this restriction. One of the major restriction is that people cannot view Instagram profile picture of other. We have discovered some ways to surpass this restriction and view Instagram profile pictures in HD quality picture. 

You can also go into the source code on the Instagram user profile page to find the link to the profile picture. That process is really complicated and people without coding knowledge cannot follow that process. So, it is better choice to use a tool to view Instagram profile pictures. These tools are very simple and does not require any technical knowledge. One of best tool for this purpose is Instazoom This tool has enhanced the experience of viewing Instagram profile pictures in full HD size. 

There are many free tools available on the internet. However, they will ask you for Instagram account details. After, collecting data from thousands of users. These tools sell the data to third-party companies. Instazoom does not ask for any kind of login details and is free of cost for use. Just get the username of the Instagram user and paste that in the Instazoom tool. After, processing the username the website will just take 4-5 seconds to get data from Instagram API. You will also be able to download the Instagram image in jpg format. 

Using source code or Instagram DP viewer is totally a legal thing. As, these tools use the Instagram API that is provided by the company and they even do not keep the record of Instagram profiles that you are viewing. In the upcoming articles, we will also be covering how you can surpass other Instagram restrictions.