How to Upgrade the Qatar Airways Business Class

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There are times when you also want to enjoy the luxury of the upgraded seats and benefit from the services.

How to Upgrade the Qatar Airways Business Class

Everything one needs to be aware of about miles in Qatar Airways. 

There are times when you also want to enjoy the luxury of the upgraded seats and benefit from the services. But you fail to accomplish the same due to budget issues. However, Qatar Airways have seemed to notice your wish. Now, you can enjoy many benefits of Qatar Airways by just earning miles and using them. To know everything about Qmiles, follow the article written below;  

How to redeem Qmiles points?

Having Qmiles Can be a certain advantage to enjoy the luxury with Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways provides you with various ways to get the benefit of Qmiles. The ways to redeem your Qmiles are listed below;

Ways to redeem your Qmiles 

  • You can use your Qmiles and get an upgrade in your seats. 

  • You can gift, transfer, and can even donate your Qmiles to your family and friends. 

  • You can book hotels and lounges with your qmiles at AccorHotels.

  • You can also use your Qmiles to fly with the partnered airlines of Qatar Airways. 

  • You can go food shopping and make the payments with your qmiles.

  • You can use your Qmiles to carry extra baggage with no additional fees.

How many miles does it take to upgrade to silver?

Silver is the lowest elite status and is achieved after burgundy. You can achieve silver status after earning 150 points or Qmiles in a 12- month period. And to retain in the Silver club, you need 140 points in the same period or 280 points in 24 months.

How many miles do you need for Qatar Airways?

The miles to fly with Qatar Airways are dependent on the type of flight you book, your trip, and your travel destination. Suppose you are booking an Economy flight from the U.K. to Doha, then you would require 29,000 Qmiles for one way. And, if you are booking a Business flight, then the Qmiles, you would require 58,000 miles. 

How to redeem Privilege Club earned Qmiles?

If you are a privileged club member and you have earned a good amount of Qmiles. Then there are various ways through which you can bring your qmiles in use. The ways are all listed below;

  • You can get upgraded to the upper status in the privilege club only if you are eligible as per the requirements of the status.

  • With every tier, there come more benefits of using Qmiles. 

  • You are allowed to carry extra baggage with no additional fees.

  •  You can shop and pay with the Qmiles at Qatar Duty-Free and Oxy Galleria.

  • Qatar Airways is a proud part of the OneWorld alliance, so you can easily fly on the partnered airlines which come under the same alliance. 

  • Based on your tier and your Qmiles, you get priority check-in and priority boarding if you are found eligible. 

  • You get to choose your preferred seat or upgrade to your preferred seats. 

What are Qmiles, and How Can One Earn Qmiles?

Qmiles are the reward you earn when you or your nominated family member travel with Qatar Airways, the Oneworld alliance, or any of the partnered airlines of Qatar Airways. The Qmiles you earn are valid for three years and expire at the end of the six months. The miles help you in upgrading or retraining as a member of the Privileged club. There are a few ways through which you can earn Qmiles, and they are listed below;

  • Earning is possible when you travel on Qatar Airways or any of the alliances of Qatar Airways. 

  • Earning Qmiles can be done when you pay through the credit card at the time of making payments for booking the flight.

  • If you use the service of 100 global partners of Qatar Airways, then you can easily earn the Qmiles. 

Can the upgrade be done at the Airport?

Yes, you can easily get an upgrade at the Airport. You are given the time of 2 hours to 60 minutes to get an upgrade on Qatar flights. You can ask the staff of Qatar Airways to upgrade your seat at Airport. They will happily assist you with your seat upgrade. However, you should always remember that the seat upgrade is possible when there are seats available with Qatar Airways and you are found eligible for the same. 

Miles to upgrade to business class in Qatar

The Qmiles which you require to upgrade to business class change based on the travel destination and the type of your trip. Imagine that you are traveling from the U.S. to Doha, then you would require 101,500- 108,50 to travel a one-way flight per person.

The best resort would be to contact the customer care representative at Qatar Airways to know about the upgrade miles or cost. 


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